Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Vacation in O-Town

A few weeks ago we took our first family of four vacay. Skye's first little getaway.

Since Finn's skin doesn't react too well to the sand at the beach, we went inland to Orlando and stayed at a resort type of hotel with a really awesome pool.

Our typical day started out with breakfast on our balcony (14th floor!) then a quick change into our bathing suits and then down to the pool.

Finn really got into swimming with his little floats on, it really helped him get a sense of the water and closing his mouth when jumping. He practiced kicking and paddling (or as Rob tells him "scooping his hands like an excavator") lol. Our boy is still obsessed with everything truck related.

In the evening we went out exploring. One night we visited a T-Rex restaurant with animatronic dinosaurs, we went to Target (lol), and just mostly just drove around. It was too hot to do anything outside that didn't involve water, and theme parks were not really on our to-do list for this trip. Oh and there was a Bass Pro Shop visit as well, lol...

One night we got into this huge tub in our room and blew bubbles. Skye pretty much just slid around while I held onto her. She is in complete explore mode, I just love the stage she's in. Finn was having fun blowing bubbles, he's a total pro. I'll be printing this picture for sure. <3

Here's the little tulip in the morning. Up until almost two weeks ago this baby girl was not a great sleeper, waking frequently (like 4-6 times a night), but thankfully she's turned a corner! I just love her sweet face in the morning.

One of my favorite memories I didn't get a photo of, Rob and I are trying to remember to do more one-on-one time with Finn. So him and I got back in our swimsuits in the evening and went back down to the pool together. He was so stinking cute swimming and holding onto my back while we navigated different parts of the pool. He loved acting out various scenes from one of his favorite TV shows, Peppa the Pig. It was hilarious. We were surrounded by lots of UK visitors so that was fun (me and my love for all things British). It was a sweet memory, love our boy.

We had such a fun time. Tiring? Oh yes, but worth it. We got back and I wanted to book another little getaway for the four of us. So thankful we were able to have some time together and make some sweet and funny memories.

On a side note, I've been backlogged with blog posts due to our computer's drives being broken. Because of it I'm unable to upload pictures from my Nikon. I've been keeping up with taking photos of Skye for her monthly pic and even typing up the content for the blog, but it's just all on hold. I think I even have an Easter blog typed up! LOL...anyway, so one day when our computer is fixed and I can upload the photos I'll be posting like 10 posts in one night. 

I also am feeling I need to start getting into a rhythm of doing some sort of printable book to recap vacations and such. Ah, the mama's work of keeping photos and memories organized is an ongoing one.

Hoping you all are well!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Five Months!

Baby girl is growing. It's almost time to buy her some new clothes again. Something I feel we're doing every couple of months. It's been a fun month. She is in the stage of grabbing things (quite ferociously I might add) and putting it in her mouth. She likes to do that with my hair, and lawd, is that girl strong. My favorite is when I lay her next to Finn on the guest bed while I change diapers and she'll be grabbing Finn's, and I'll hear him say "Ow. Ow. Ow."

I can tell she's gearing up for solid food. She eyes our food intensely. I wonder if she'll be my good eater while we have to work with Finn's singular love for chicken and fries.

Have I mentioned how loud Skye can get? Oh I can't tell you how many times she's just decided to scream (not cry) or just talk while one of us is holding her and it becomes like a sound blocker to where you can't hear ANYTHING. Rob and I will try to talk and it ends up not working at 'tall. (that's my British accent coming out, lol).

It's been a sweet month. I can't even comprehend that she'll be half a year old next month.

Oh and all of these pics of her just melt me into a puddle. Her little jelly shoes. Her smile. Her chubby thighs. Gah...

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Finn's Third Birthday

Our little boy is growing up! Gah, I can't believe he turned three. I find it so weird how it can feel like he's been in our lives forever and yet it's only been three years.

The night before his birthday I put on his shirt from when he turned two and told him to say "peace out twos". It's a miracle to get any clear pictures of this constantly moving toddler. This pic just makes me tear up and smile at the same time.

We decided to keep it low-key this year and celebrated his birthday with just the four of us. I'm thinking this summer I want to have a party celebrating his half birthday. Have I mentioned this before? With his birthday being so close to Christmas I think I'll want to do this in the years to come. Mainly because he gets gifts from us and family and then to have a birthday 2 weeks later is a bit much to get more gifts. So I'm thinking in July we'll celebrate his half birthday with a little party. I know people rent out those bounce houses, but do they rent out garbage trucks? If you have a connection, let. me. know. :))

His face in the above blurry pic. Insert all of the heart eyes.

So going back to his birthday. We woke him up and took him to the dining room to see that the birthday fairy came. He ooo'ed and ahhh'ed at the balloons and decorations. Later when Rob's mom stopped by I heard her tell him "what pretty balloons" and he responded, "yeah, mommy made them!"

So much for believing in a birthday fairy.

We celebrated in the morning with a donut "birthday cake" and sang happy birthday to him first thing. We then repeated this probably 5 times per his request. He sings along with us too. He just loves that song. Afterward, we played with his gift and then later got dressed and headed to lunch and bounce house heaven.

We were the only ones there and watching him jump around and get all sweaty was the best. Was there a little meltdown? Sure, but I promise the kid was worn out. 

Later in the evening we had a real cake and sang to him again along with some yummy pizza.

The following day we visited the local aquarium. He just started getting into Nemo so he was very excited when we got to a tank that had two clownfish (looked like Nemo and his dad) and a few blue fish that looked like Dori. It was fun and he just kept saying "wanna see moe fish!". Yeah, we ended up walking through the place two times. Hah!

The following days we continued to enjoy every remaining piece of cake with candles and the birthday song. :))

Can't believe this boy is THREE! You are such a joy and light to us, little boy. God has so graciously given you to us and we are truly, truly, honored to be your parents. Mommy and daddy love you so much big boy. Happy birthday, my love. xoxo

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Four Months!

This little one is just growing, growing, growing. Her last appointment weighed her in at just 2 ounces shy of 13 lbs. She's almost doubled her birth weight and our arms are feeling it! :))

She's such a joy. This past month, she started rolling over. Like every opportunity she gets, she gathers up little legs rolls them to the side. Still wobbly, but she knows what she's doing now. Except she doesn't seem to be a fan of being on her stomach. :))

She's a smiley little one. Cooing and smiling and yes, sometimes screaming. But truly she just continues to adapt so well to this world. Some of my favorite and funniest memories so far is when Rob holds Skye and has her "walk" around. Like a doll. He just lifts her up and makes it appear she's jumping from the floor to the bookcase to the bed. It makes all of us crack up. Skye doesn't mind either, she's a trooper.

Her favorites right now are eating, sleeping on mommy after she's eaten, watching her big brother run around and play, watching Frozen with Finn, having our full attention. The last one can be hard with having a toddler, especially if you're along at night. Skye definitely prefers you talking with her or paying her some sort of attention or she can get agitated.

Sleep lately has changed. I remember this with Finn that it just went through it's phases. I try to keep her up and feed her as late as I can (since I don't head to bed till 11/11:30). She then was sleeping through the night with only 50/50 chance of waking up for a middle of the night feeding. Well, lately she's waking up more like 2-3 times a night. Sometimes when I get to work I add up the hours of sleep I had the night prior and sometimes it's in the 3 1/2-4 hour range. Miraculously I'm still able to function, but I am tired. Rob is too. This is parenthood, though, right?

So that was a whole lot of rambling, but just summing up this past month with our baby girl. Love watching her grow, but man this is going fast!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas 2015

This year was Skye's first Christmas and it was Finn's first Christmas where he really found the excitement of it all. We did a handful of special things throughout the season, and it really was fun having things pre-planned to do together. Something that I definitely want to carry into the new year.

We made cinnamon ornaments, you know the ones that hold their smell for years? Love em.

We saw Christmas lights...

We listened and danced to Christmas music.

On the 23rd we started a new tradition of pulling out our mattresses to watch a Christmas-y movie and sleep under the Christmas lights. I heard of this idea from Ashley on her blog, Under the Sycamore. They call it Christmas Adam (because Adam comes before Eve, hah) and I thought it sounded like such a fun family tradition.

Finn ended up kicking Rob out of the bed while sleeping so he ended up on the couch, hah, but it was fun.

We read about Jesus' birth and celebrated his birthday with a big blue cupcake to which Finn told me "Jesus no have some...only Finn". Lol, seriously can't make this stuff up. We're working on that whole sharing idea...Lord help us.

We baked cookies with red and green m&m's.

We definitely made some sweet memories while also sometimes wrangling in a tantrum-y, bossy toddler. I have a feeling we won't remember all the reasons for timeouts. Oh the parenting adventures. :D

Christmas morning Finn slept until 8:30am and he was super excited to see the "pwesents" under the tree. Besides me having a bit of a tantrum about the amount of dog hair already on our new rug, it was a sweet morning before heading out to my mom's to celebrate with them.

Skye slept for the majority of the morning and then we look over at one point and her eyes were wide open like "hey! what's going on over there!"

We let Finn play with his new stuff as he wanted. At first in my head I was thinking lets open them all! But then it was kinda nice letting him just take his time and then after checking his new item out he'd go pick another present. A favorite gift of his that I'm so glad we picked up last minute...a box of kinetic sand to do his digging in...

I told Rob he was in the above pic and to look happy! Hah, can you tell? cracks me up in some candid shots how our faces can look like we're so unhappy but it's just our faces, ya know? Hah, okay moving on...

Yay, a Thomas train! (that ended up being defective and I'm missing the receipt!) Wahhh!

Finn's impression of the intro "welcome to the Island of Sodor!" followed by his biggest grin like the TV show. Cracks us up.

Whoa!! It's a box!

Finn's big present was a wooden train set equipped with tunnels as he requested. It was such a funny experience having him request anything at all.

While daddy assembled the train, I got Skye out of her swing to open her gifts.

She was (and is) so entranced by this little knit rattle!

Her little knit doll was too precious to pass up as well. Yeah, if Land of Nod was located here, I'd be putting in an application fo sho.

We celebrated Christmas Eve with Rob's side of the family and of course I forgot to take pictures as well as at my mom's but it was all so nice. Heck, we even at one point sang Christmas carols around the piano! (Thanks to Grandmars for orchestrating that!)

Hoping you all had a merry Christmas. With just a few hours left of 2015, wishing you all a happy new year! 2016! Whoa, that sounds way too futuristic.

Monday, December 28, 2015


A couple of weeks ago we took our kiddos on their first Disney trip. There were a few things that weren't going well for us in the beginning like the rain, hungry bellies and big puddles. I think at one point before we even got through the gates I mumbled to myself "why are we even here?!" LOL...BUT thankfully the rain subsided after we got inside the park and our bellies were filled with chicken and fries (well except for baby Skye) and the puddles evaporated away. Hip hip!

The main reason we decided to go last minute is realizing that kids are free under 3 (Finn turns 3 in January). So only Rob and I required tickets, heck yes!

To prep Finn for the trip, as he didn't have any idea what Disney was, I started showing him you tube videos of the park, rides and characters. He kept telling us he wanted to give Pooh a big hug. Rob and I were so curious and hopeful that our sometimes shy guy would be able to hug them without getting scared. Lo and behold, that kid was all. about. it.

We met Pooh, Tigger and Mickey Mouse. Each character he ran to. He even rubbed noses with Tigger...melt my heart. He's told us he wants to give Minnie and Tink a big hug next time we go.

I never realized how toddler friendly the park is either. Finn rode the Pooh ride with me, the carousel, race cars and Dumbo with Rob. In between we were in lines for the characters. The lines weren't bad at all, remember I said it was raining? So I'm thinking that helped keep the crowds down. Yay! (apparently the week of Christmas is crazy with crowds, I'm a nerd and just checked the wait time for some of the rides today, yeah 180 minutes for ONE ride!!! No way!!!)

Skye was great throughout the whole trip too. She discovered her lil feet on this trip which cracked us up finding her staring wide-eyed at her tiny feet. I would just nurse her while Rob and Finn were in lines for anything.

Oh and I have to include these two pics...oh Finn, our boy is so funny. His obsession with garbage trucks and garbage cans is unreal. After he rode the race cars with his dad we were sitting on this bench which he excitedly was allowed to throw a few pieces of mulch into the garbage can.

This pic below is him asking..."um, biff one?" (this one) and then after I said yep he would toss it in the can.

Seriously, can't make this stuff up. This kid!!!

Later we had to bundle the two of them up a little as it dropped to 50 something that night. So it actually felt lovely and Christmas-y out. 

Love these two cuties.

Cherishing each stage of life can sometimes be difficult. Last year I remember watching people do fun and costly stuff around Christmas with their kids/friends/family. We were in a tight spot financially and I found myself just looking for free things to do. I won't lie that it was hard sometimes...that comparison beast comes out on a daily basis sometimes. But I'm reminded we're all on our own journeys and we're all gifted with various people placed in our own individual lives. It reminds me that good memories can be made in all different forms. Outlook and perspective can be everything, right? When I think that way, I wouldn't trade anything. Not a dang thing.

So all of that to say, for this trip, I was thankful.

...despite that mini meltdown of mine. :))))))))))


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