Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Two Months!

This beautiful girl turned two months last Monday...

She is almost 4lbs heavier than her birth weight and a few inches longer (I honestly can't remember the number they told me, lol, mama brain is very real).

She's been such an easy baby. Sleeps well, eats well, has a pretty happy disposition. For the first few months with Finn he was just so uncomfortable. We didn't know any different, so we've enjoyed this change of pace while having a very active almost three year old. :))

I attempted two times to get her monthly pic, hence the different onesie below. Here's daddy trying to get a smile out of the girl. She's such a smiley little one but only when we're up close and talking/cooing with her...

It's been such a joy watching her grow and watching her big brother just l-o-v-e on her. It's absolutely precious. We love you sweet girl and can't imagine life without you.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

Our little cuties...

Dad: Hey Finn, what's your sister dressed up as?
Finn: *Points* A cwoud!

Here's a better shot of our girl's costume...

She even eventually started to fall asleep in this thing, lol. 

To make the cloud, I just sewed some tulle around a white onesie, then hung the thing outside while I used spray adhesive to stick batting onto the tulle. For the pants I just created a raindrop template out of cardboard and painted little raindrops on the front and back.

These lips of Finn's...he was just being silly here, but he typically likes to bring them out when the rebellion is coming on...oh good ol' rebellion. :))

My favorite part of the truck are the lights that you can't see too well. We had a spare string of battery operated lights (that I bought for his tent) and I just kept them in their box and wrapped them in red paper, they glow red in the dark. He was a fan and had fun watching the whole thing come together piece by piece. After each of his naps, he'd always gasp to see my new progress. Seeing his proud smile is so worth it.

Here's the instagram pic I took of Skye in her lil costume, she just melts my heart. Pure sweetness this girl is.

I had been talking about going to Aunt Jen and Uncle Greg's house for Halloween with Finn and he's been super excited. It's definitely that age where these holidays are getting extra fun. Here he is taking an m&m break in the evening...

But in all reality, after house THREE, this is what he truly preferred! Hah! One thing I've learned from parenting...roll with it!!!

In other news, our house repairs (our master bedroom and Skye's room) are finally completed so we are in the process of moving back into those rooms. After wanting to decorate my baby girl's room for so long, I'm finally able to start. It'll be a lil slow, but things will start coming together soon. Will take pics and share. Also need to get on taking those fall family photos. If only it felt even slightly like fall in this sweaty place called Florida...

Happy November!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pumkin Patchin' It

Besides buying my yearly cinnamon broom and pulling out a few decorative pumpkins, we hadn't done much fall stuff. I was kinda wanting to wait to visit a pumpkin patch when it was a cool day, but alas Florida falls are pretty hot. So we've been aching to get out of our crazy house (still under repair from mold removal) so we headed to our local pumpkin patch. The pumpkins aren't the cheapest, but the little patch is just too adorable. 

We've driven by the patch a few times on the way to my mom's house and Finn's been ready to pay it a visit.

This boy...he loves to hug things to make me go "awww"...

Skye was ecstatic. Love our beautiful baby girl.

This big ol' pumpkin is the lucky one that came home with us.

Such a big boy...

And can't leave this last pic out. Now that we have two littles the unloading of the car is a little more interesting. First Finn gets out and I have him stay within sight or hold my hand or something. As we got Skye out this time, he wrapped his little hands around my leg.

I was telling Rob the other night that it can be easy to forget in the day to day that these little ones won't stay little forever. Soaking up these sweet moments together, and I'm sure that one day we'll miss being exhausted, covered in food particles, and making memories. 

Excited to get to working on their costumes for this year! 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

One Month!

Our little sweetness turned one month yesterday.

She's been an absolute joy and suuuuuch an easy baby. The nights have been great, just mostly waking up to nurse and she is just adapting to the world so easily. Some of her favorites are eating, watching big brother play with cars or rocks, sleeping (we should have a "sleepyskye" hashtag by now, girl loves to sleep), eating some more, cuddling on the bed with mama, baths, and sleeping some more.

We just love her little expressive toes...

It's like she's pointing them in this pic below...

I always saw myself having boys so it's been just amazing the feelings that came over me with having this baby girl. I was the mom who was kinda scared of having a girl. Well, we know girls can be scary with our emotions and teenage years (yeah, so I skipped school for 19 days in 9th grade, what's the big deal?!) lol, but truly I'm excited for now and the years to come with her. Hoping to be the best mom I can be for her, not perfect, but hey maybe she'll want to craft or decorate with me? Finn can join too if he'd put down his excavators for a second. :))

Happy one month, sweetness!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Birth Story - Skye Elizabeth

Our newest member joined our family almost four weeks ago. She's been such a joy and a pretty easy baby which we are incredibly thankful for. Before more time passes I wanted to write out the day before I forget any details about her delivery and our first days together.

This story is a little different from Finn's as this was a planned c-section. Finn was a regular vaginal delivery, this time however my placenta was too low that it presented a major risk. So we had the date of September 2nd planned and ready to go.

September 2nd:

4:00am - Our alarms go off. We were scheduled to be at the hospital by 5:30am. Beforehand, I needed to take my second shower with antibacterial soap (a prep for surgery) and then pack the rest of my things. Rob started to get his coffee ready but then we got a call from my mom (who was coming to our house to be with Finn) offering to pick up a Starbucks for Rob. I was restricted from any food or drink since midnight.

5:10am - Mom arrives, we snag a pic with my phone and then leave for the hospital.

5:23am - We arrive at the hospital, I was feeling a lil nervous but nothing intense yet. It was just so weird knowing in advance that I'd be having our baby in a few hours. In natural labor, you just never know how long it'll take or even if it'll happen that day.

5:30am - After we check-in, we're directed to sit in a waiting area. There's a screen with the progress of surgeries...I didn't want to face that staring at the different stages of surgery, and instead we sat against the wall. We talked and laughed about randomness. All to distract me from my name being called.

6:00am - "Lisa?" My name was called, and Rob was told to wait. I went back with the lady where they weighed me, and I think that was it. It was a sweet pre-op nurse named Pearl. After emptying my bladder for the 90th time that day I walked out and saw a line of beds separated by sheets, some people were laying in them and I put together they were waiting for surgeries. I didn't know they did the surgeries in a big swoop like this appeared to be. Pearl walked me to my curtained bed and told me to get into my gown and fashionable socks. She said she'd be back after assisting a patient.

I changed and got into my comfy bed, lol. It was freezing in there but it felt amazing to me. Pearl checked on me and asked if I needed more blankets, only to realize I didn't even get under the blankets on my bed. I told her it felt amazing in there and she laughed. I laid there for a while while she worked with prepping a patient. During that time I just prayed and made myself enjoy the free time to just lay and relax. Eventually Pearl came back and then put in my IV. I kept telling myself, all I'll mostly feel during this time is an IV and a needle in the spine for the anesthesia. Doable sounding, right? After Pearl was done and I drank a disgusting antacid drink that tasted like sour grapes, she brought Rob back. He took some pics and inspected my IV.

7:15am - After a bit, it was getting close to 7:30am (surgery time) and Rob was then escorted to change...I'd then meet him in the OR room. I said bye and thank you to Pearl, she made me laugh and feel relaxed, I can't express how much I appreciate them. We get to the door of the OR and my first thought is a lil ridiculous..."this looks nothing like Grey's Anatomy". LOL...the OR wasn't dark or sleek looking, it had everything but was just super white and bright. I said that to the nurses with me and they laughed. I then was prepped for surgery, catheter inserted (such a pleasant experience!) and a needle in the spine which made it easier to take when the lady said, "it'll just feel like a bee sting". A nurse held me during that and told me stories about her kids. I love distractions, they obviously know it helps as well.

7:30am - Rob comes in with his scrubs on and a phone and our Nikon in hand. He's so cute. By that time my arms were sprawled out and a lady started to tests on me to see if the anesthesia was kicking in. First she used a cold compress on my shoulder and asked if I could feel that (I could) then she went to my belly to see if I could feel it still the same way. Later my doctor did the same sort of test before making the incision.

7:45am - My doctor comes in says hi. She said she's extra perky this morning because she (and her kids) all had a great nights sleep. Not long after she asked if I felt something, I said I didn't think so and she kinda chuckled saying that I would've known if I had felt that. Then without prompting I assumed she began with the slicing. Rob and I just looked at each other and smiled, waiting, I'd update him letting him know I couldn't feel anything, lol. Then at one point my doctor said, you're now going to feel a lot of pressure. At this point, I could tell they were working on getting our girl out as my body was obviously undergoing intense pressure, lol. About a minute later, we heard a beautiful cry, our girl was out. Happy tears and excitement washed over me as they held her over the curtain for us to see.

She was born at 8:13am, which me with my number fascination enjoyed that as 813 in our area code, so I probably won't forget that.

After her vitals were quickly checked, we did skin on skin, and I got to hold our sweet girl while they stitched/glued me up. After I was done, we were wheeled to recovery where I got to hold her and nurse and rest until being wheeled to our room.

The overall experience in the hospital was great, I find myself so fond of the memories of being in the hospital for those first few days with these two babes. It's full of excitement, anticipation, pain (lol), lack of privacy, chicken strips, even a little HGTV!

It all felt easier this time (not necessarily the c-section recovery, that's interesting for the first few days) but just having a newborn wasn't as scary this time. With Finn, Rob and I didn't know anything. I'll never forget when we unashamedly called for a nurse to teach us how to swaddle!

We stayed two nights and thankfully our schedule with Finn being at home worked out great. Rob would leave the hospital at night to do dinner, bath and bedtime with him and then come back to me and Skye to sleep. (don't worry, we didn't leave Finn alone, my dad was with him)

Skye's been such a good girl. She's adjusting to this world so well and has us all very much in love. She's amazing.

Welcome to the world baby girl. Goodness, we love you so much!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bump Update!

Hah, I was laying in bed next to Finn this morning and thought how funny it would be to post a bump update for this pregnancy. My first and only one at almost 39 weeks.

Last pregnancy I posted often of the progress, this time not so much. This girl is just as loved, but this mama is just a little busier and probably more tired. And surprisingly, although, many say each pregnancy is different, this one was pretty similar to Finn's.

First trimester - I started out incredibly thankful to skip the morning sickness. I just had a few weeks of food aversions and a lack of appetite. But that definitely came back. I also was what I call a sleepy sloth for the first trimester. I could go to sleep (and often would) right after putting Finn to bed around 8:30pm. It was definitely different this time with having a toddler, I remember when pregnant with Finn I would just nap as soon as I got home from work. That just wasn't an option this time, lol.

Second trimester - This brought a thankful wave of energy. I can't remember what I accomplished though, hah, but I just know I wasn't as tired. Still didn't have any cravings this pregnancy. Just regular foods that I desired before.

Third trimester - Third trimester was only slightly different. I woke up to a few charlie horses in my calves, not many, that happened when with Finn. But one difference I can think of is having a little bit of cramping I think due to my low lying placenta. This girl also feels like she is just about to fall out, lol, she is so low. Maybe I felt that with Finn but just don't remember. Also in this third trimester I've had heartburn. But it's not too much at all, just sometimes, but I don't remember having that at all with Finn. Rob and I laugh to see if the myth is true and she'll come out with a head full of hair. Rob also thinks it would be funny for Skye to come out with dark brown hair. (Both Rob and I were blonde babies, so we expected Finn to be blonde)

It's been different this time not getting Skye's room together. Because of house repairs (mold removal) that's on schedule to occur, we can't do her room. Instead I have a closet with all of her stuff gathered for her room. I painted her a big canvas painting to hang and Rob will do some origami for above the crib. Then there's lots of little things to add. But I think not doing her room has probably been good for me. Not feeling the pressure to complete it. And I also think it'll be relatively easy to complete it once we can go in there since everything is all together already.

We've tried to prep Finn as much as we can for him to understand. But we'll see, he is certainly a mama's boy right now. The fact that I won't be able to pick him up for a number of weeks while recovering from the c-section may be a little difficult, but we think he'll be great whether sooner or later.

So we're T-minus 4 days from my scheduled c-section and meeting this sweet baby girl. My hospital bag is packed. The car seat is almost in the car. Our schedule for Finn is set. We're as ready as we can be. Looking forward to the new adventures and praying for God's grace and peace to fill us as we transition to becoming a family of FOUR!

Can't wait to meet you sweet girl!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

All About Finn - 2 1/2

With such few posts lately, I thought I'd post one for Rob and I...and I guess Finn if he cares ones day. :))

So here are a lot of words with pics of our sweet boy at the end.

This boy's interests are so fun to discover. He's a silly boy with a sweet and somewhat quiet demeanor (like his mama was) and definitely is growing into a little boy.

Some of his current likes:
  • Garbage trucks. Seriously, kid wakes up to the sound of those squeaky breaks almost every Monday and Thursdays. Rob and I usually run and pick him up and take him to the couch to watch. There have been days that we've totally wheeled out an empty can outside just to watch the garbage truck pick it up, lol. There's also been times we've missed it. Those days are sad. But thankfully YouTube has a video or two (or 100) of footage of garbage trucks picking up trash.
  • Yellow construction trucks. Especially the ones that dig in the dirt, also known as excavators. (I'm pretty sure I didn't know what that was called before having to research these). Yeah, he's happy when we drive and see mounds of dirt which yellow trucks around.
  • Mailman. Are you noticing a theme? He yells "mail-mu!" when he sees these on the road.
  • Fire trucks. Mh hmm, it's helpful that we have a dear friend who works at the fire station right down the road. We've been able to take him there a few times which he talks about every time we drive by the station.
  • Helicopters/Planes. Still loves these things and gets excited whenever we catch one in the sky. On July 4th we watched the fireworks take off from the top of the airport parking lot. He was happily overwhelmed by everything going on around us.
  • Singing happy birthday. This is his favorite song. We record every birthday song for him to watch later because he loves it. He learned how to say birthday just in time for my birthday last month. It was just a little heart melting to hear him say "happy birday mama".
  • Swimming/jumping in the pool. I plan to get him in swim lessons when he turns three but for now the boy love jumping in and out of the pool, especially at Papa and Grandmars house.
  • Cookies and m&m's. Lol, yeah, I just thought I'd throw that one in here as it's usually a request we hear every day in our house.
Some of his current dislikes:
  • Diaper changes. Still not a fan. We've got a little potty in the house, just waiting for him to gain more interest.
  • Being denied anything. Hah, we definitely don't let him get his way at times. At those times, the tantrums can be present. Rob and I like to reenact them after Finn's in bed sometimes, I can hold it together but there's been a time or two where he's looked at me with the most accusing face and said "what are you talking about?!" and I had to practice serious control, lol. No idea where he picked that up from.
Haven't mentioned on here but we had gone through a lot of change over the past few months as we thought Finn had some intense food allergies. Like we were told to avoid all dairy, soy, legumes, tomato, fruit (yes all fruit). It was awful. But thankfully and surprisingly we got a second opinion and were told that with his skin condition (which prompted our food allergy questions) that he just has eczema and not to avoid the foods we were avoiding if he was having no reaction. It was a huge sigh of relief. We were viewing the original diagnosis as really long journey. As a lot of kids don't outgrow food allergies until 5-6 years old.

Anyway, all that to say that we are relieved and very happy. Denying him foods was rough, so the fact that I can give him green beans and corn is like a breath of fresh air.

We're definitely organizing and purging our house as we get closer to Skye's arrival. We're excited. And I think watching Finn and this baby girl interact is going to melt me into a puddle.

I hope to have a post of Finn's big boy room as we'll be transitioning him soon. I'm so excited to DIY an adorable tent in his room. Skye's room will be coming together probably after she's born because of home repairs that won't be completed till possibly after she's born, but I'm having fun working on her art work and Rob will be doing another origami mobile for her. More to come!

Hoping you all are well!



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