Monday, December 12, 2011


I've been enjoying the meaning of this season and have also been enjoying some decorating around the house and some crafting (thanks to Pinterest) Merry Christmas everyone! May your days be filled with the hope and joy that this season brings.

pretzels, melted hershey's kisses and m&m' kind of easy recipe!

extra branches from our tree gathered with twine, and some added pinecone ornaments

homemade snow globes...such a fun craft to do!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Wall Collage Hanging Tip

I stumbled across this tip from Better Homes and Gardens. Use scrap paper and cut it to the size of the individual frames. Arrange the cut outs on the wall until satisfied. Hammer the nail/or use screws through the paper and you have your marks. Remove paper and you've got an awesome, well laid out, collage. Sweet!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Living Room Inspiration

My husband and I were happy and flat out relieved to finally get back our tax return (yes in October). We moved into our house a year ago and I've been gradually decorating it. The house has two living room spaces, so one of the rooms has remained empty as we didn't have two sets of couches. So now comes the dreaming part...well hopefully this will be a reality soon. Here are my ideas for the empty room. There's nothing like mixing modern with something old.

these to be behind the couch along the wall...
or maybe hung vertically above the couch

Had an idea to perhaps carve a quote into the door that we both like...something that would be thought provoking and inspirational. I have some verses in my head and some quotes written down in my journal, we'll see.

So happy it's Friday...must get back to work!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Nifty Website

Thanks to a good friend, I was strongly urged to take a look at a website named, Pinterest. I'm still trying to figure it out, but so far I'm slightly hooked. It's like a black hole. It is filled with tons of nifty, trendy, inspirational, and DIY things for home, gifts, weddings, etc. The part I'm figuring out is that you have to request to be invited in order to post as well. Will be requesting an invite shortly...enjoy!

from creative ladder idea

from no need to buy a nightstand

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Logo Inspiration

First blog post. I'm excited to start this blog and share some design tips, ideas, inspirations. I've always always always loved interior design. I was that kid that loved to rearrange her room. I wouldn't wait around for my older brother or dad to help me move around furniture, with my lack of patience I would just use all my little arm's strength to move it all around. I remember clearly how after rearranging my room, and looking at it all clean and new, it made me want to lay down and read a book. I just wanted to spend time in there. Bask in the newness and beauty of a new feeling room.

I've realized that I haven't changed. Not one iota. Every time I do something small to our new home, whether it's hanging a picture or a new light fixture, I find myself gravitating toward the room with the "newness". And just feel the need to walk by and admire the new picture, or turn the new light fixture on and off and admire the new light it gives off. Definitely haven't changed.

I wanted to share a little bit of my inspiration for the new logo. My friend, who is helping me with this logo, has been kind enough to let me choose 4 different varied colors for the logo, as I am incapable of choosing one. This makes me happy...


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