Monday, April 23, 2012

Another Burlap Art Piece? Why Not!

Well, with burlap in my house and some leftover canvases, I figured I could save even more money and make another lovely homemade art piece. For this one I didn't take as many pictures, but you'll see how this one got done.

First, using blue painters tape, I taped together three canvases that I already had that fit perfectly into a square-ish.

Just like the burlap monogram letter I did here, I taped out the size of the above canvas on the burlap and created my own stencils out of paper. I also used a reusable stencil from a set I own.

After multiple coats that I worked into the burlap (using leftover paint), I let it dry thoroughly, then took off the tape and nailed it to the back of my taped-together canvases. I should also note that the blue tape did show through, so I wrapped some brown paper to cover that up.

Once again, happy with the result. I think I have officially completed all of my homemade artwork and it feels love-a-ly. After weeks of consideration we found prints on Etsy that we committed to and purchased. So those should be arriving soon.

Also, I wanted to provide links to these wonderful stencil sets if you ever want to purchase. The great thing is that they can be used on the walls, floors, refrigerators, windows, or as art. They're reusable and really durable, you just wash off the paint when you're done with it.

Here's the link for the book of stencils I own, the stencils are about 1'x1': (only $16.47!)

Here's another one of his stencils, these are smaller and can be used for smaller projects ($16.47)
Here's another one, my friend has this one and there's a lot of good ones in here (again $16.47)
Happy stenciling!

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