Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another Post About Hallway Art??

Someday there will be posts about something other than hallway art. Today, unfortunately, is not that day.

Well, the hallway is coming together. It's gonna be quite hard waiting for these Etsy prints to arrive, so I thought I'd share two more homemade/thrown together art pieces.

This first one is from a stencil from the Stencil 201 book I listed in the previous post. I added the word "write", as this one is for my man as it reflects his love/hate relationship with his amazing novels (I'm not just biased, he's a great writer) that he works on faithfully.

I did this on some old paper I found behind Rob's desk. Yay for free free free!

For those of you who save your birthday/holiday cards, I had this idea to go through my box of cards and see if any could be used as artwork. I found this one below, a Papyrus card from Target, which are always really nice, given to me by my friend. It fit perfectly in my 5x7 frame.

Anyone else out there in the middle of a DIY project that never wants to end? When I get in that zone with anything where I find it hard to break away, I learn that breaks and balance are necessary. Don't wanna lose touch. It can be toooooo easy to get lost in it.

After this hallway project, I see operation Dunkin Curb Appeal in the near future. Ah, how nice that will be...for us and our neighbors. :)

Excited about a free night to spend with my man, no DIY projects allowed!

Happy Wednesday to you all!

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