Saturday, April 21, 2012

Farewell Brassy Knobs, Farewell...I love to say adieu!

Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu! Do do-do-do-do do do do, do do-do-do-do doooo.

Well the time came to spray my brassy door knobs and I'm pretty happy with the transformation. I also learned a few things that may help anyone who takes on this project in the future. The tutorial that I followed you can find here. Let's get the pictures goin:

This is what our brassy knobs looked like BEFORE:

And here it is AFTER:

The above door jam is a little jacked up as a lot of our doors, but still much prettier. One day I could see painting the screws even a darker color.

Here are my lessons learned:
  • Multiple light coats of the color are necessary (mine have some waves in them from the gloss, oops!)
  • This project works on doors with locks (for example, the picture above) I was a little worried about how the lock would handle the paint, but after they dried I just turned the lock and thankfully it worked just fine. Again...light coats are the key.
  • I wonder if I would have liked a matt finish instead of the gloss, however the gloss really brings out the bronzy sparkles in the paint color. So I'm sticking with the gloss, which I do like, and there's also no way I'm spraying these babies all over again.
What I used:

And clear gloss spray paint as well. This project was a little more time consuming due to taking off all the hardware and prepping it outside and spraying takes multiple coats as mentioned. Drying time must be allowed. After all the coats and gloss, I allowed 24 hours of drying before putting them back on our doors.

Again, happy with the results...but phew...losing momentum with these projects. Feeling a little break will be nice once this hallway is complete.

Had a great day from a walk for autism (go Aidric's Angels!) in the morning, to spending time with some dear friends, to a special birthday party with family for my daddy. Happy birthday, papa Joe!! <3

Happy Saturday evening to you all!

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