Friday, April 6, 2012

Goodwillin It

Due to some recent inspiration, I've been working on our hallway. Gathering frames from around the house for a collage and using some leftover paint to sharpen the space up. (a post of before and after are soon to come) However, THIS post is about two finds that cost me just over $3 at Goodwill. Mmm...Goodwill and I have been reunited and couldn't be happier. So I'm on the hunt for frames and random knickknacks that I can hang in our collage. I found these two items, one for the hallway and one not so much for the hallway, but it inspired a brief spurt of organization.

Non-hallway related Goodwill find - I found this little crate...cute condition only $1.06. I'm one of those that doesn't really buy anything unless I can think of a use for it. (yes, even if it's $1.06)  So I forced my brain to think what the heck I could use it for, and it dawned on me. I thought of all of our boxes of fruit/energy bars and other snacks and how they crowd the crap out of our kitchen cabinet. So that's where I went with it and I am pretty pleased with this little mini-transformation. Lol, it's the small things. And it wasn't much work at all!

So here is a BEFORE of our one and only food cabinet. Granted there was some old stuff in there that was able to be thrown. Mainly focus on the bottom right corner...kind of crowded with snack boxes:

And here's the AFTER with the new (to us) crate/snackie organizer:

Is it weird that now it makes me want to eat these fruit bars more? Here's another close up:

I'm seeing one day painting that square with some chalkboard paint and writing "snack attack" on it. Did I mention that I just spray painted and breathed a lot of fumes? Eek.

And now to the hallway related Goodwill find - this lovely frame just needs a fresh coat of white. Again just over $1. Yay oh yay.

Well, I'm off for some cuddle time with my man...and to rest my sore muscles from all that strenuous spray painting.

Happy Friday to all and to all a good night, and a blessed weekend!

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