Friday, April 27, 2012

The List...dun dun dun...

Lists can be scary. I personally like to make them, and then find that wonderful satisfaction of crossing things off. Lol, I remember a time that I had written a few things down to do on a post-it note, and after I finished those things, I checked them off right before I threw the note in the trash. Weird, like the trash can needed to know I completed a task. :)

I have decided only to make one list at a time for whatever part of the house I want to work on next. (only one list at a time to prevent my brain from getting too far ahead of itself and to not immerse myself with more thoughts...balance is the key, haha, it's like my motto that I have to keep repeating to myself) So without further adieu, I present to you:

Fancy, right? Here is The List  (I'll be sure to keep you posted with before/after pictures of our progress):
  • Pressure wash outside of house, driveways and lanais
  • Dig up existing bushes
  • Landscape front yard
  • Update shutters
  • Update front porch lighting fixture (since the current one is a small indoor fan with a light...bleh)
  • Replace front door (hoping for a good, inexpensive used one)
  • Purchase chairs and table for front porch
  • Purchase outdoor pillows for chairs
  • Place potted plants in front porch to bring some color
  • Paint forest green trim a different color
  • Paint forest green side door a different color
  • Change mailbox (or clean mailbox and paint the forest green post a different color, I think I just sold myself on this cheaper alternative)
(4/30/12 - I had to update the above list after this past weekend...things are moving along!)

This actually doesn't look too overwhelming. It looked a lot longer when written down. So the plan is to start this weekend with the pressure washing. I hear from some people that it actually can be pretty fun because you see the results immediately. Maybe Rob will get the pressure washing fev-ah and go to town. We shall see!

Happy Friday everyone! Oh happy day :)


  1. . I think i know some one that will do that prob
    cheap (pressure wash)if rob doesn't
    . lowes has amazing inexpensive plants
    . Habitat for humanity on Hillsborough has stuff
    just have to keep a look out (doors)
    . Biglots (out door pillows)
    Have fun:)
    -Crystal & Adam:)

    1. Aw, thanks guys! I definitely want to check out Habitat for Humanity, and I didn't think about Big Lots for pillows, that's great! I've already searched a little and have exhausted my usual store suspects. Gonna check that one out. It's great to hear from you!

      - Lisa :)



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