Friday, April 13, 2012

Spray Paint Reality And Our Boy...

So I wanted to share a before and after of the frames that I spray painted white. My first mistake? Being oh so naive to think that only one can of primer and one can of white gloss spray paint would be enough. Anyone else hate taking that second (and sometimes third) trip back to Home Depot? (even though it's less than 2 1/2 miles from our house)

Here's the BEFORE notice the one can of primer and one can of white gloss spray paint and the random mismatched frames:

After a little sanding on the frames, and about 2-3 coats of paint, finished with a gloss, here's the AFTER...notice the now 5 cans of spray paint/primer/gloss (Home Depot was out of gloss white, and I can be impatient, so I bought semi-gloss and then a separate can of clear gloss):

I'm very happy with the final product...if I was more patient (I'm working on this) I would buy another can of clear gloss and spray them again. Pictures of the finished hallway will be coming soon!

And now some sweet/nauseating pictures (depending on how you feel about animals) of me and my boy. For those who know me, love didn't come easy with this boy. However, as he sleeps cuddled next to me on the floor while I type this, I see that we've come a looooooong way. I love my Jack! This pleases Rob very much. :)

Happy weekend to you all! For all of those that feel like they have billions of projects looming over your head, may you find the motivation/momentum to keep going as well as the wisdom to know when to stop and take a break and enjoy life (if only there was a button to turn off our minds sometimes).

Nighty night!

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