Sunday, April 29, 2012

Unnnder Pressure!

Well, yesterday we successfully tackled pressure washing. It felt like such an adult thing to do...pressure wash your house, lol. So happy we did this...really makes the place look so much cleaner. White houses certainly don't hide a thing.

We showed up at Home Depot at 9am to rent the machine and were on it right away since we really wanted to squeeze everything into the 4 hr time frame. The rental fee for the 2000 PSI was either 4 hrs for $53 or 24 hrs for $75. If it were possible, we wanted to save that $22 bucks (which we did!)

So here we go, this is one picture heavy post...

Here's a before of our house... (side note, we bought the house and haven't done a thing to the existing ready to get rid of what I call the gap-toothed bushes on the right, no offense to gap-toothed people out there, just not a fan of our bushes looking like that!)

and after the house got a good cleaning: (hard to tell from far away)


and after: (goodbye green stuff on our siding!)


and after:

mailbox before/after:

Rob getting his pressure washing on...he pretty much did the whole house. He's a pro now. I was the assistant, moving things out the way...quite an esteemed job if I may say so myself. :)

Me getting in on some of the action on our shed...a serious pressure washer...

...and a crazy one!

Rob working on the lanai...

Lanai before: (soooooo dirty)

Lanai after: (not completely dirt stain free, but so much better):

Sweetest picture award goes to Jack watching his daddy pressure wash the lanai: (I'm not sure why I have one flip flop on and one flip flop off)

And to close...Rob wrote our names on the side of the shed. This was the last thing we pressure washed. He didn't mean for it to say "Bob", but that just kind of happened, lol. Worst part is that our pressure washer ran out of gas after he wrote this, and since we wanted to save $22 bucks, we returned it to make the cut-off. So now we have "SA + OB" on our shed. Nice, we'll get to that someday. :)

This was our first time ever pressure washing, and I don't have any lessons learned to really share. It really was pretty easy. I could see the benefit of investing in one of these babies one day. Pressure washing really does some wonders.

Next up, diggin up some bushes! (fun!) Also, our hallway is almost complete, just waiting on one more print to arrive in the mail and still have to hang a special item to complete the collage. So happy that it's almost complete, photos to come!

Happy Sunday, I hope yours has been restful!

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