Saturday, May 5, 2012

Diggin Up Bushes Under The Brutal Sun

Welp, today we attempted to dig up our bushes in our front yard for our landscape makeover. Even though I knew it wasn't going to be easy...I didn't quite expect it to be that hard either. With wasps and snakes and thorns and stubborn roots, we only got so far (with an extra helper!) (yay, Kenny, yay) Looks like we're gonna need a part two...or three.

Let me also state, Florida sun is brutal.

So here we go, we started with the goal to remove all the bushes or old roots starting from the big front window down to the right.

We started by chopping off the branches of the bushes...

Then Rob got stung by a wasp on his hand... :(  (hard to see, but trust me the puncture is there!)

Then as more chopping continued, we found this little guy hanging out in a bush...he then proceeded to go into our siding...eek. At least they eat bugs. :)

Then we came across a bush with mambo jambo thorns...we placed those choppings in a different pile so we'd know to handle later a little more delicately.

So these are the bushes mostly chopped up...remember it feels like 100 degrees out...this looks like a moment of cloud coverage. (thank you, God!)

And well, here is where we ended...not completed, but hey, it's progress!!

We have two bushes (stumps/roots) left to dig out of the ground. At least we got two. The sun was beating down hard and we eventually found ourselves inside laying on the floor loving a/c and cold travertine tile.

Here's the before again...

and after

So, I'm thinking during the week, Rob and I will pick at these bushes (roots) when the sun is almost gone. It was just too brutal today...there was no way we could have continued. MAJOR RESPECT for roofers and manual outdoor laborers in Florida.

I. do. not. know. how. you. do. it.

So that's all for today. Progress to be documented! Oh and I will also mention my final print arrived from Australia for our collage wall! I'm now just editing the photos (lighting in our hallway is so baddd) and will have pictures of that soon! (maybe bad lighting and all!) lol

Had a great rest of the day (post bush uprootal) with my sees and dad at Miguels restaurant (oyeh! Cinco de Mayo!) lol. And then at Lifequest. Still fighting off this heat headache.

Anyway, everyone enjoy your evening!! Couch time callllllllls. (I am coming, akee akee!)

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