Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This Is A Story, About A Lovely Porthole

...dee dee daaaaah daaaaah do dee dee dee dee dah (anyone else able to sing along with this?)

So I had the idea for our collage wall to add a sweet porthole. We are suckers for the nautical theme, however don't want to be the type that go themey overboard. (lol, no pun intended) So the plan was to find a real-ish looking one, not a plastic one with a mirror backing.

Well a friend of mine is a professional garage sale shopper and had known about my desire for a porthole. Lone and behold she found one (yay Hope!) And she haggled it from $20 to $5. Woop! Woop!

So here is our new friend, Mr. Porthole. He originally came with a frame backing. When I first received it, I didn't notice the blue picture was actually a picture of something swimming at me. Can you see it?

It's Mr. Dolphin! And he has a friend swimming behind him. So realistic looking, huh? :)

This was before I removed the frame backing and cleaned him up real good. Even though it has the frame backing, we like to believe that this was actually salvaged from a boat. It's pretty heavy and solid feeling. It's probably far fetched to think it's actually from a boat, but that's what we wanna think. :)

Here he is all hung up in the hallway. It was a little tough figuring out a way to hang this. We settled on some heavy duty picture frame "hooks" that grab the lip between the outer frame and the door/window.

I love his brassy-ness.

Well, I'm just waiting on ONE more print to arrive in the mail (from Australia!) Once I get that up, I'll be sure to take the final photos of our completed collage hallway. Definitely happy that I took the plunge with this project. The little hallway has already turned into a conversational piece and it really is a little reflection of Rob and I.

Welp, that's all for today. What about you, is there anything you're doing to add personal touches to your home? Any new ideas rolling around in your head?

Happy Tuesday to you all! :)

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