Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What Motivation?

Well, talk about motivation flying out the window, lol. :)

But I'm not beating myself up at all, breaks are good for my brain. There's always something to do. I burned myself out on that hallway project and all that brainstorming/plant removing with the yard (which credit is really due to Rob, Kenny and my sweet in-laws) however, if possible I think I may have found some new motivation.

It came upon me when I ran into my neighbor across the street who had a design question, which then led me to see his place for the first time. It was really nice and cared for. When I was leaving and standing on his porch I realized the state of the outside of our house that he gets to stare at when he sits on his porch. Lol. And maybe a little of the motivation has returned...just a smidge.

Growing up and owning a house isn't an easy business, is it? Rob and I love to do what we want on our free time, not that we don't sacrifice, but I know it won't always be as free as we're used to. Rob and I were driving to our friend's house the other day and saw a man raking some dirt next the sidewalk. Lol, all we both could think about was how miserable that looked.

My main adverse reaction for doing anything outside right now is this Florida heat. Maybe it's because we only had what felt like one really cold day this past winter. :-/

I bought a new ceiling light fixture for our front porch. That's been sitting in a box a week later because the globe looks wonky by the way the glass was formed, so I've been meaning to request a replacement part. For free of course. I did finally schedule my routine maintenance on my car. That was a mini success!

Well, all this rambling to tell you that I am still here, slightly unmotivated/motivated, and happy. :)

Hope you are doing well and not overdoing it. Life's too short. Be sure to stop and smell the flowers, or if you have no plants in your front yard like ours, smell your neighbors flowers. :)

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