Monday, July 30, 2012

Little One's Room Update

Rob and I are kind of getting in the swing of doing some tasks around the house. Taking necessary breaks of course. For example, yesterday we did absolutely nothing, some laundry, yes, and Rob worked out in the living room while we watched the Olympics, but overall nothing. And it was love-a-ly.

Saturday, I organized all my craft stuff...I didn't realize that I had so much craft/artsy stuff until it took three 42 qt plastic containers to store it all. I was able to slide the containers right under our guest bed. It felt so adult-like to get that all organized and tidy. :)

While I was doing that, Rob was working on our baby's room. It's definitely not a glamorous or exciting job at all right now, seeing as how that room looks absolutely crazy. A few weeks ago we had to remove these huge wall-mounted mirrors that were there when we bought the house. And by saying "we", I mean my mom, Leah and Rob...I just photographed and stayed out of their way.

We were left with this lovely bright blue and yellow striped wall with some dry wall torn away and some paint ripped away as well. My mom said maybe the previous owners wanted to pay a tribute to Ikea, hah!

So now the dilemma is that only a portion of the blue paint tore off easily (like it was bubbling off), the rest would need to be scraped off with a scraper. Rob was willing, but I don't think I could subject him to that torture of hours and hours and days and weeks of work. So we're going to trying sanding it out to smooth the varying paint levels down. Here's Rob's progress so far...

Almost looks like a baby's room, huh? :) I might have to do one heck of a wall collage on that wall if it doesn't look good after being primed and painted, lol, but we'll see.

Once it's painted, we'll move on to shopping for new carpet for our three bedrooms. Ah, how nice that will be. Fresh carpet, free of previous owners pet hair and stains as well as Jack's stains he left behind when he was a pup. Aw, speaking of Jack, our boy turned two this month. I'll leave you with a sweet picture of our grown and so mostly-good. :)

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