Monday, August 6, 2012

Belated Birthday Post

Well, I turned 27 last month. How the heck did that happen? I was 18, like 2 days ago? As many may know, I have a thing about numbers. For instance, our wedding date was aimed to be 11/11/06. However, the place was booked so we had to do 11/12/2006. Which still in my mind works because 11 and 12 are consecutive, and then 2x6 (from the year) equals 12 (the day). Lol. Yeah, numbers.

All that to say that I found out that my mom was 27 when she had my brother, Greg. So now, being 27, even though it's an odd boring number, is now a sweet number knowing that my mom was the same age when she had her first-born. :)

So it was my last non-mommy birthday (if you don't include Jack, which if you're my sister, you would never include Jack! Lol, love you sees!) It was celebrated eating at TooJay's eating my favorite buffalo chicken fingers and then some bowling. Time spent with my precious family and friends, can't beat that.

Great, now I'm thinking about those buffalo chicken fingers...


  1. haha the famous Lisa bowling pose! Love this. :)

    1. lol, thanks sara! it just happens everytime i bowl, it's kind of ballerina-esque :)



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