Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gender Reveal Party

Baby Dunkin is a...


We are elated to know our baby's gender. Still gonna take some getting used to to not having to refer to the baby as he/she or it, but we're excited. Oh, our growin boy. :) :) :)

Well, I wanted to share our gender reveal party. I know some people have their thoughts on them as being overboard, but really it was just like a normal party of getting together with family and friends, and just finding out some fun news together. I really didn't feel stressed or anything, I made myself just enjoy the evening.

So for those of you who don't know what these parties are...when you have your anatomy sono, instead of finding out the sex of the baby there, you have the technician write it down and place the gender in an envelope. You can then either give the envelope to a bakery to bake a cake with the filling as suggested in the envelope (blue or pink) or I've heard of people who have balloons made and placed in a box for the surprise.

We did the cake route, and it worked out really well. (Shout out to Publix!) We're definitely planning on thanking them personally.

So here we's some pictures of our party. I'll try not to caption too much. :)

So I started out by planning on making all the directions. I didn't want to spend any money, just used what I had.

I had seen that for some of these parties, mustaches were used for the boy, however, with Rob and his everpresent beard, we thought this fit a little more. (for any basketball fans out there, this beard template I found online is James Harden's famous beard :) 

We even personalized our

Food was delicious, my sweet mother-in-law made her amazing lasagna and my dad's famous family meatballs...

We then took group shots of each with their choice. The beards crack me up.

Those thinking the baby was a boy...or just hoping... :)

And those thinking little one was a girl...(ladies man in the center!)

Some cookies my sweet step-mom made...

The cake...I ended up just wanting a simple white cake from Publix, and I made the little diddy to go on top of it...

Then it was time to cut the cake...

Here's our initial reaction...we were pretty excited :)

Overall, it was a wonderful time with family and close friends. It's one of those moments you gotta just stop and count your blessings, as we all have so many. We're looking forward to the day we get to meet our precious son. :)

Love to you all! :)

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