Saturday, August 18, 2012

Seeing Our Little One For The First Time

I just wanted to take the time to document our awesome (in every sense of the word) experience we had at our anatomy sono on Thursday.

Right as Rob was about to go explore some books on a bookshelf in the waiting room, my name was called. A sweet lady named Kathy walked us back to a much bigger sono room than the one we had been in when I was 5 weeks. At that appointment the baby was no bigger than a grain of rice, so I count this sono as our first time seeing the little one. :)

As Kathy is walking us, my adamant self comes out and I start explaining to her our predicament of how we're going to have a gender reveal party and that we don't want to see the gender. She was very familiar with it, which was a relief, and said she'd put the results in an envelope for us to give to the bakery. We didn't even mention that we were giving it to a bakery, but she just knew. Lol.

Once we were in the room and all was set up, Rob's sitting on the little bench close to where I am and the big flat screen comes to view as she places the equipment on my belly, and there's our little one. So beautiful and sweet looking. Little legs and arms moving around. It's amazing what you can see.

She then moved through all the different body parts taking pictures, the baby's little brain and heart and organs. When it came to measuring the legs and thigh of the baby she had us close our eyes as the baby's legs were wrapped up right in the  area. :) Then she showed us a picture she had taken of both of the little feet (so sweet!) Lastly she was looking at my cervix, and then she laughed and pointed out that our little one's booty cheeks were in the top left corner bouncing on my bladder. The shot she had looked like as if someone was xeroxing their booty. It was too cute and too funny. I can only imagine when the baby is bigger what that will do to me, lol, but I can't complain.

It truly was one of the best experiences ever, and definitely made everything feel a little more real. Love this little one so much. :)

one of my favorite shots with baby's booty in the air, so sweet :)


  1. Lisa, honey, I never knew a gender reveal party could be so much fun. You are a radiant mother-to-be. Rob kinda has a glow about him too. I was also glowing but mostly from the beer. haha. It really was fun, and I am so happy for you and Rob. Much happiness all your lives. Love you, Dad

    1. Aw, thank you Dad! It was a lot of fun, definitely made a memory. Love you so much! :)



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