Friday, August 24, 2012

Some Living Room Updates

For the party we rearranged a few things in our living room, which I guess kind of inspired me to do a few things in there.

First, we got a new rug. Here's what we had before:

We've had that thing for over 4 years. It's done us well, but it was time for something bigger. We might still get it cleaned up really good and use it in the front room when we get furniture in there one day.

So we stumbled across a rug in Homegoods that was big and beautiful and shag and gray. It almost looks identical to the original rug, however much bigger, hopefully less shedding (it's a different fiber) and free of Jack's puppy pee-pee/chewing phase. (even though we would clean the rug, it still feels tainted!)

Here's the new Mrs. Shag:

We love how much bigger it makes the room feel simply by covering more area (hard to tell by the above pics, but it really does) It now goes under both of the couches, not leaving a gap anymore like the previous rug. And it's so plush. I'm thinking it'll be perfect for laying a blanket on it and having tummy time with our baby boy. :)

Well then that inspired me to make a much less expensive purchase. A pillow for the back of our newly placed chair. This one was from Ikea for $12.99. The pillow case is a thick velvet material and the whole pillow feels like it would cost like $25-$35 at Target. Nope, just $12.99.

Thank you for your service, Ikea. Especially for those of us who really don't enjoy spending money.

I've come to figure that investing some money in the room that we spend most of our time in is well worth it. Goodness, I might be inspired to actually put something on the walls now and update the mantle a little. Who knows.

I hope you all are having a great week!

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  1. it! It does look bigger and warmer. Love the pink circular rugs under chair - cool touch!



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