Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Bit of Fall

Just wanted to share a few things in our home that have been newly added in the spirit of fall. Hoping this year in Florida we may be able to truly have some fall-like (Florida fall-like) weather.

Heck, bring on Florida winter weather, I'm ready. :)

I have numerous mason jars around the house, have used them for many different things...and even though it seems like no one likes candy corn (I can only eat one or two in a day), I like the look of it sweetly contained in this jar. And I just couldn't pass up buying some fun size twix and snickers. Love how the store clerk asked me as she was ringing these items up if this was for me or for the baby. Lol :)

I found these pumpkins at HomeGoods. Mmm...burlappy.

Fall without a cinnamon broom? Impossible! :)

And here's a latest bump picture for ya. I'm 26 weeks today and still feeling great. Third trimester begins next week, oh my.

I hope you all are enjoying the season! Especially you lucky ones with trees that change color and weather that's below 80.

Love to you all! :)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Birthing do or not to do?

I just visited my hospital's class page and a bit of instant panic rose up in me, lol. I wonder if it would just be better to show up the day that Finn is coming, and deal with everything then. Lol. I'm sure it doesn't hurt to do these classes, but I'm just curious for those who went through it, was it helpful in the end? Or did it just bring about more worry?

I've been privileged to witness two live births, so I've seen all that goes down in the room and I'm very thankful for that. So I'm not sure if I need more info, or just deal with it then. I guess more info and practices wouldn't technically hurt, but I wonder if that would leave room for worry to come.

So I'm looking to hear your experiences. Any mom's/dad's out there take any birthing prep classes at your hospital? Or did you opt out and just learn things here and there?

(Ps...I made my very first craigslist purchase! I bought some metal vintage outdoor chairs for only $10! They need love, but I think they're gonna look amazing! Will share once they're done!)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Finn's Room Update and a Sneak Peek!

The walls have been painted! Hip hip!

Here's what we were dealing with before to refresh your memory...

We were left with this blue wall once we removed two huge mirror panes that were glued to the wall. The problem we encountered was that only some of the blue paint peeled off like wallpaper, which left us with an uneven wall with all sorts of various texture.

Rob sanded it down on the edges that wouldn't peel off, and then applied texture to the wall (to match our other walls). My mother-in-law then primed it and applied two coats of paint and ta-da!

So much better. The color I chose is called Smooth Stone by Glidden, however color matched to Behr so we could us the paint and primer duo as well as no VOC. This is the lightest color I have ever chosen and am absolutely happy with it. With a number of dark pieces that are going to be in this room, I wanted to keep the color light and neutral for all the various decorating changes we'll wanna make in there as he grows older.

My vision for the room is for it to be light and airy, but still fun. Definitely have realized that without being too themey, the room will have touches of nautical as well as a whimsy feel.

So here's a sneak peak of my vision for Finn's's not fully developed in my head, just the basics are. The colorful accessories will fill in as we find them. :)

We have a few existing pieces that we already own that we are using for his room, the black/brown wardrobe as well as a black/brown desk (not the exact one pictured) that we're going to be using as the changing table. Plan on using some of Rob's items that he had as a little boy too in there.

A ton of color will be brought in with the accessories...(I see homemade wall art projects in my future), crib bedding, fun stuffed animals, a wall for his books, a drawing/craft table.

I plan on bringing touches of nautical with the raw rope as curtain tie backs, the round mirrors that remind me of portholes, and using materials like burlap and wicker. Speaking of wicker, HomeGoods is the place to get baskets...just a tip for everyone, baskets are so dang cheap there! Especially when compared to Target.

Overall, definitely looking forward to the day when it's all pulled together and ready for our little man. Definitely doing all of this on a budget, not trying to break the bank or anything. Just keeping those creative juices flowing.

Happy new week to you all! :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Simple Kitchen Update

This was an easy update that provided instant gratification, especially as it only took about 30 minutes to complete. I updated our kitchen cabinet knobs! Hip hip!

Before we had what felt like builder basic knobs, most were plastic and some were a porcelain material. Either way, they just blended in and I was looking forward to updating them. Since we're not looking to do a whole kitchen remodel at all, I'm thinking these little updates will make our home more us.

So I found these knobs at Lowes...only $3.12 a knob. Not bad, not bad.

Here's the before of our kitchen...forgot to do a close up of the white ones...but oh well, they weren't much to look at. :)

And here's the after...

Much better...


I should mention that I did originally buy some knobs from Home Depot and I went to install them only to learn that they didn't cover the entire area that the white knobs had covered. The white knobs had left impressions/dents in the cabinet, so that is definitely something to consider when buying new ones. Not just focusing that they cover the hole, but the possible impressions as well. So I had to buy a knob with a base big enough to cover that up. Very happy with these, definitely do the trick.

I could see us getting butcher block countertops one day, or granite on one side, butcher block on the other (we have a galley kitchen). All in time, but that's what I'm seeing. Also there's definitely room to tile a back splash, maybe some penny tile or classic subway tile, not sure yet. Again, all in time.

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Exterior Updates

I thought I'd bring back the list I posted 5 months ago, because nothing feels better than crossing completed tasks off. Woop, woop!
  • Pressure wash outside of house, driveways and lanais
  • Dig up existing bushes
  • Landscape front yard
  • Update shutters
  • Update front porch lighting fixture
  • Replace front door or paint
  • Purchase chairs and table for front porch
  • Purchase outdoor pillows for chairs
  • Place potted plants in front porch to bring color
  • Paint forest green trim a different color
  • Paint forest green side door a different color
  • Paint mailbox trim a different color
  • (Newly added) Update brick walkway, since currently it's covered in weeds
  • (Newly added) Replace siding of the house...far far away, but pretty necessary
For today I wanna show you the rest of the front exterior updates completed last week. Lighting has been updated, shutters have been painted, as well as the rest of any forest green trim out there!

Lighting before...

Lighting after...

Shutters before...

Shutters after...

Mailbox before...

Mailbox after...(yes, it truly is crooked, will get to that someday)

Exterior before...

Exterior after...

Landscape will definitely dress it all up better, but for now it's coming along. I'm ready to commit to at least landscaping the plant bed under the large front window, get rid of the red mulch and get something nice in there. I just need to set little goals and eventually it'll get done.

Any easy-care plant recommendations for a shady area? Definitely looking for some color!

Happy mid-week everyone! :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bump Update! (6 Months!!)

How far along? 24 1/2 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 12 pounds so far

Maternity clothes? Finally caved and bought some maternity skinny jeans and a black pair from Old Navy. Definitely worth it. Wearing all my non-maternity shirts and dresses as long as I can! This was probably the last day I could wear this blue one... :)

Stretch marks? Nope, me and cocoa butter are still close friends

Symptoms: Besides the bladder thing, I can just feel a little cramped if sitting too long...just feel the need to stretch out, but overall feeling great!

Sleep: Still can't complain, sleeping great! Still waking up once a night, but other than that I just find myself rotating sides often during the night, but it's not disrupting my sleep so I'm all good.

Best moments this week: Ah, this one is easy...Rob coming home last Sunday. Best thing seeing his face as he got off the shuttle at the airport. :)

Movement: Yep! Still not a ton, ton...but definitely feel kicks. Especially love it when he gets a good kick on my bladder! :)

Cravings: Nothing unusual still...I don't think I'm going to have any out of the ordinary.

Gender: Boy!

Labor Signs: None

Belly Button in or out?  In-ish...definitely going to be an outie one day, Rob's weird and is looking forward to it, lol.

What I miss: Don't miss a ton right now...savoring each day of this pregnancy as it's going by so fast!

What I am looking forward to: Selling the Jeep and getting new carpet in our bedrooms amongst a million other things...but that's a biggie :)

Weekly Wisdom: I just started reading a good book that Rob got for free, "Anxious for Nothing" by John MacArthur...great insight to why we truly don't need to worry and need to let go of our worries, also fighting anxiety. Tons of great wisdom for this girl who could worry and stress about a lot of, hello labor!!

Milestones: Rob completing his improv class (with flying colors!) lol and I've learned that Finn's eyes should be completely developed by now and should open soon...oh how much I look forward to staring into that boy's eyes. :'-)

Love to you all!

Monday, September 17, 2012

While My Man Was Gone...

Courtesy of Rob's Instagram :)
Rob was in NYC last week with our friend Kenny to do an improv intensive class with Upright Citizens Brigade, a famous comedy school in NYC and LA. Overall, he had an awesome time and the class really taught him a lot. He also got to pretty much go everywhere in NYC, which is awesome as that opportunity doesn't come by often. I was so happy that he was able to do this and so proud of him, but oh my was he missed back here.

So that left me home for 8 nights, 7 whole days, without my man. The longest we haven't seen each other was one day back during our first year of marriage. :-/ So yeah, I wasn't looking forward to this. Major, major, major respect to left behind spouses and loved ones of those in the military. I don't know how you do it, truly.

So all this time caused me to plan a bunch of stuff to work on the house. Literally, my planner looked quite hilarious for the week he was gone because every other week is kind of bare and then the week he's gone, it was absolutely filled...

I also should mention that I have some amazing friends and family, truly. I had help pretty much every night, and sometimes dinner even. It was so nice and I'm so incredibly thankful to them.

So I wanted to start with a small, but oh so necessary, update. I painted our front door! Farewell forest green!! Originally I wanted to buy a new door, but you know...paint is so much cheaper, and well, I'm frugal. Especially now with newer expenses coming with our soon to arrive baby boy.

So here's a before...

Here's after a little sanding...

Here's after one coat...

And here's the final...

I found that door mat at Ross for $6. Sweet! As you may have noticed, I also spray painted the door hardware an oil rubbed bronze...just like our interior door knobs. Much better.

Overall I'm really happy with it. I applied I think two coats using the Glidden's color, Seal Gray. I had it color matched using Behr paint and primer duo, which provided really great coverage. A little pricey, but worth it.

Here's a far away shot...some porch furniture will come one day, but for now Jack loves the space to make sure no cats get near our premises. :)

More updates to come! Ah, I'm so happy that when I get home from work, Rob will be there. :)

Verse running through my mind this morning, "Seek first the Kingdom of God..." Matthew 6:33 Ah, all the questions that arises...will be digging into this one.

Friday, September 14, 2012

What A Week

What a week this has been.

I've gone kind of project crazy on the house this week. No, not kind of, but truly project crazy. This seems to be what I do. I get these spurts of crazy motivation, I think I keep the craziness, because at any second it could fade and a project could be left undone. The motivation probably also comes from the fact that my third trimester is only weeks away (can not believe it), so I figure I might as well do stuff while I have the energy and ability.

All that to say, that there will be numerous posts coming up on the changes that have been done to the house. Good changes that have been looming over me for a while now. Not really expensive changes either, but definitely make a difference.

I also had my monthly appointment yesterday. It went well, the doctor says sweet Finn's heartbeat sounds perfect. Thankful, thankful. She also started measuring my belly, and my next appointment is where I have to drink the orange drink to get my glucose tested. It's moving by so quickly, trying to savor every moment of this pregnancy. Love it that I carry Finn with me everywhere I go. :)

Well happy Friday to you all! Keep your eyes out for lots of home-related posts. I also need to do another bump update. Definitely growing, growing, growing.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Registering for Little Finn

I must say, registering isn't a walk in the park. However, how can I complain? Oh the blessings we have that we can even register for stuff. Thankful, thankful.

Well, after much price comparing and product comparing, Target and Amazon have come out as the front-runners. When trying to figure out where to register, I went all psycho-obsessive figuring out where the best deal could be found. I looked at Wal-Mart and found the prices to not be that competitive at all. In some cases, the price would be marked at $10.90, so it would be 9 cents lower than a Target product, however, Target has so much more to offer. At least for me. :)

I tried focusing on items that we really need, then from there just spanned out a little toward the things that are nice to have. I'm such a simpleton. I found myself "done" and only had 20 items on the registry. Lol. Don't worry, it's grown. :)

Here's some products that had some great reviews and I could see being incredibly helpful:

Have read reviews on both sides about this product, however most are positive. It monitors baby's movement down to their breathing, therefore providing a sense of calm for parents and not having to feel to check on the baby every three seconds to make sure they're okay. It will send an alert if movement isn't detected.

These "cloth diapers" to be really used as burp cloths...I hear regular burp cloths don't compare to these

Great reviews about how these bibs really help with milk spills when feeding little ones, super absorbent and protect all the way to the back of the baby's neck
Well, a happy Friday to you all. Any parents out there have some products they recommend??


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