Friday, September 21, 2012

A Simple Kitchen Update

This was an easy update that provided instant gratification, especially as it only took about 30 minutes to complete. I updated our kitchen cabinet knobs! Hip hip!

Before we had what felt like builder basic knobs, most were plastic and some were a porcelain material. Either way, they just blended in and I was looking forward to updating them. Since we're not looking to do a whole kitchen remodel at all, I'm thinking these little updates will make our home more us.

So I found these knobs at Lowes...only $3.12 a knob. Not bad, not bad.

Here's the before of our kitchen...forgot to do a close up of the white ones...but oh well, they weren't much to look at. :)

And here's the after...

Much better...


I should mention that I did originally buy some knobs from Home Depot and I went to install them only to learn that they didn't cover the entire area that the white knobs had covered. The white knobs had left impressions/dents in the cabinet, so that is definitely something to consider when buying new ones. Not just focusing that they cover the hole, but the possible impressions as well. So I had to buy a knob with a base big enough to cover that up. Very happy with these, definitely do the trick.

I could see us getting butcher block countertops one day, or granite on one side, butcher block on the other (we have a galley kitchen). All in time, but that's what I'm seeing. Also there's definitely room to tile a back splash, maybe some penny tile or classic subway tile, not sure yet. Again, all in time.

Happy Friday everyone!

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