Monday, September 24, 2012

Finn's Room Update and a Sneak Peek!

The walls have been painted! Hip hip!

Here's what we were dealing with before to refresh your memory...

We were left with this blue wall once we removed two huge mirror panes that were glued to the wall. The problem we encountered was that only some of the blue paint peeled off like wallpaper, which left us with an uneven wall with all sorts of various texture.

Rob sanded it down on the edges that wouldn't peel off, and then applied texture to the wall (to match our other walls). My mother-in-law then primed it and applied two coats of paint and ta-da!

So much better. The color I chose is called Smooth Stone by Glidden, however color matched to Behr so we could us the paint and primer duo as well as no VOC. This is the lightest color I have ever chosen and am absolutely happy with it. With a number of dark pieces that are going to be in this room, I wanted to keep the color light and neutral for all the various decorating changes we'll wanna make in there as he grows older.

My vision for the room is for it to be light and airy, but still fun. Definitely have realized that without being too themey, the room will have touches of nautical as well as a whimsy feel.

So here's a sneak peak of my vision for Finn's's not fully developed in my head, just the basics are. The colorful accessories will fill in as we find them. :)

We have a few existing pieces that we already own that we are using for his room, the black/brown wardrobe as well as a black/brown desk (not the exact one pictured) that we're going to be using as the changing table. Plan on using some of Rob's items that he had as a little boy too in there.

A ton of color will be brought in with the accessories...(I see homemade wall art projects in my future), crib bedding, fun stuffed animals, a wall for his books, a drawing/craft table.

I plan on bringing touches of nautical with the raw rope as curtain tie backs, the round mirrors that remind me of portholes, and using materials like burlap and wicker. Speaking of wicker, HomeGoods is the place to get baskets...just a tip for everyone, baskets are so dang cheap there! Especially when compared to Target.

Overall, definitely looking forward to the day when it's all pulled together and ready for our little man. Definitely doing all of this on a budget, not trying to break the bank or anything. Just keeping those creative juices flowing.

Happy new week to you all! :)

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