Friday, September 7, 2012

Registering for Little Finn

I must say, registering isn't a walk in the park. However, how can I complain? Oh the blessings we have that we can even register for stuff. Thankful, thankful.

Well, after much price comparing and product comparing, Target and Amazon have come out as the front-runners. When trying to figure out where to register, I went all psycho-obsessive figuring out where the best deal could be found. I looked at Wal-Mart and found the prices to not be that competitive at all. In some cases, the price would be marked at $10.90, so it would be 9 cents lower than a Target product, however, Target has so much more to offer. At least for me. :)

I tried focusing on items that we really need, then from there just spanned out a little toward the things that are nice to have. I'm such a simpleton. I found myself "done" and only had 20 items on the registry. Lol. Don't worry, it's grown. :)

Here's some products that had some great reviews and I could see being incredibly helpful:

Have read reviews on both sides about this product, however most are positive. It monitors baby's movement down to their breathing, therefore providing a sense of calm for parents and not having to feel to check on the baby every three seconds to make sure they're okay. It will send an alert if movement isn't detected.

These "cloth diapers" to be really used as burp cloths...I hear regular burp cloths don't compare to these

Great reviews about how these bibs really help with milk spills when feeding little ones, super absorbent and protect all the way to the back of the baby's neck
Well, a happy Friday to you all. Any parents out there have some products they recommend??

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