Friday, September 14, 2012

What A Week

What a week this has been.

I've gone kind of project crazy on the house this week. No, not kind of, but truly project crazy. This seems to be what I do. I get these spurts of crazy motivation, I think I keep the craziness, because at any second it could fade and a project could be left undone. The motivation probably also comes from the fact that my third trimester is only weeks away (can not believe it), so I figure I might as well do stuff while I have the energy and ability.

All that to say, that there will be numerous posts coming up on the changes that have been done to the house. Good changes that have been looming over me for a while now. Not really expensive changes either, but definitely make a difference.

I also had my monthly appointment yesterday. It went well, the doctor says sweet Finn's heartbeat sounds perfect. Thankful, thankful. She also started measuring my belly, and my next appointment is where I have to drink the orange drink to get my glucose tested. It's moving by so quickly, trying to savor every moment of this pregnancy. Love it that I carry Finn with me everywhere I go. :)

Well happy Friday to you all! Keep your eyes out for lots of home-related posts. I also need to do another bump update. Definitely growing, growing, growing.

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