Monday, September 17, 2012

While My Man Was Gone...

Courtesy of Rob's Instagram :)
Rob was in NYC last week with our friend Kenny to do an improv intensive class with Upright Citizens Brigade, a famous comedy school in NYC and LA. Overall, he had an awesome time and the class really taught him a lot. He also got to pretty much go everywhere in NYC, which is awesome as that opportunity doesn't come by often. I was so happy that he was able to do this and so proud of him, but oh my was he missed back here.

So that left me home for 8 nights, 7 whole days, without my man. The longest we haven't seen each other was one day back during our first year of marriage. :-/ So yeah, I wasn't looking forward to this. Major, major, major respect to left behind spouses and loved ones of those in the military. I don't know how you do it, truly.

So all this time caused me to plan a bunch of stuff to work on the house. Literally, my planner looked quite hilarious for the week he was gone because every other week is kind of bare and then the week he's gone, it was absolutely filled...

I also should mention that I have some amazing friends and family, truly. I had help pretty much every night, and sometimes dinner even. It was so nice and I'm so incredibly thankful to them.

So I wanted to start with a small, but oh so necessary, update. I painted our front door! Farewell forest green!! Originally I wanted to buy a new door, but you know...paint is so much cheaper, and well, I'm frugal. Especially now with newer expenses coming with our soon to arrive baby boy.

So here's a before...

Here's after a little sanding...

Here's after one coat...

And here's the final...

I found that door mat at Ross for $6. Sweet! As you may have noticed, I also spray painted the door hardware an oil rubbed bronze...just like our interior door knobs. Much better.

Overall I'm really happy with it. I applied I think two coats using the Glidden's color, Seal Gray. I had it color matched using Behr paint and primer duo, which provided really great coverage. A little pricey, but worth it.

Here's a far away shot...some porch furniture will come one day, but for now Jack loves the space to make sure no cats get near our premises. :)

More updates to come! Ah, I'm so happy that when I get home from work, Rob will be there. :)

Verse running through my mind this morning, "Seek first the Kingdom of God..." Matthew 6:33 Ah, all the questions that arises...will be digging into this one.


  1. We went to an Upright Citizen's show when we lived there. It's so awesome that Rob got to experience that.


    1. Yeah, we love their shows! We saw a show when we were up there years ago, they come to Tampa sometimes, the Improvised Shakespeare. They're hilarious. Rob's looking forward to taking the next intensive one day, definitely an awesome experience. :)



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