Friday, October 19, 2012

Just Thinking of You...

For those who don't know, a close friend of mine, Larsen Hunt, was murdered almost two years ago by her ex-boyfriend in an act of domestic violence.

It was a shock, a knife in many hearts, a whirlwind. And even as the days and months and now years move forward, it still feels surreal.

So much can be said about Lar, she was a beautiful woman. It might have been the first thing you would of noticed when meeting her. However, the more you'd get to know her, you'd see she was so much more than that. She was strong, determined, driven, outgoing and deeply caring and she taught me a number of things during our years of friendship.

I feel like she taught me how to be a good friend. She wasn't the friend that would be solely concerned about her own life and what she was doing, she cared about what I cared about too. She was artistic and so creative with her thoughtfulness. I remember it was one of my birthdays at home and I woke up that morning to Lar sitting on my bedroom floor, indian style, with balloons all around her and a big decorated box with my birthday present. I still remember that cheesin smile she had when I opened my eyes, lol.

One more thing...when I was away in Fort Myers in Masters Commission for a year, Larsen sent me mail all the time with pictures of random friends and family holding a framed picture of me as if I were with them. It was one of the most comforting things as I was living away from home for the first time. Goodness, there's numerous stories of the caring things she would do. I can't express how thoughtful she was.

She taught me to be more bold. Larsen and I were far from similar. She was more outgoing, whereas I liked to kind of hang out in the shadows. We were an interesting mix. She brought out a side of me that I hadn't known was there. Her boldness and determination was, and still is, inspiring. When her mind was set on something, she'd do it. Watching her go through all of the emotions of having Aidric and taking on the role of mom, and facing his struggle with autism will always be inspiring.

She taught me how to rock the poof. For those who don't know what a poof is, refer to my hair in the picture of me and Rob in the "About" section. Lol, yeah, this may seem not a big deal, but trust me, I'm proud to have received my skill from THE pro.

I feel like she also taught me how to laugh. I don't remember a time before my friendship with Lar that I would laugh so hard I would be on the floor. We used to have the same honking laughs at one point, and often would debate who started it. I still totally think it was me, just sayin.

Oh Lar, I miss you. But I know you're in a beautiful place that we cannot truly fathom. With our Savior, Jesus. The Lover of our souls. And I know that your little boy is in the care of your loving parents and so many others who continue to love on him. And I know that I'll see you again.

But I still miss you.

And I'm so sad that your life here was cut short.

But I'll remember the good times. The lessons I learned from you. The joy you brought into my life and many others.

Love you always, friend.


  1. this is beautiful lisa!!! <3

  2. I don't know you Lisa, but I knew Larsen and her family. You did a beautiful job of capturing her. Thanks so much for sharing. Connie Hunt (no relation to Larsen's family except in Christ)

  3. Such a moving tribute, leelee.

  4. Lisa - I just wanted to let you know how much I cherish this post on your blog. I go back to it every once in a while just to absorb your memories of her. Yes, I cry every time, and my heart aches, but it is OK.
    Thank you…so much



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