Wednesday, October 3, 2012

M&M Cookie Pie

When Rob came home from NYC, I wanted to make a little something for him. Ya know, try to be domestic. I found this recipe on Pinterest for an M&M cookie pie. It was super easy even though I'm so inexperienced, that I didn't even know what it meant to cream something. I know, don't laugh all you bakers and kitchen pros!

Basically it's just an M&M cookie baked in a pie pan (glass or metal)...once it's done you just slice it like a pie and you've got yourself a cookie pie. Genius.

It was pretty tasty, definitely will make again. If only baking and cooking didn't produce endless dishes...


  1. Thanks for re-blogging my recipe, hope you enjoyed it! I'd love it if you linked back next time! THANKS!!

    1. Hi Susan! Thanks for reading, and I'm sorry you missed it, but I do have a link for your recipe on this post in the first paragraph.

      Thanks for sharing!

      -Lisa :)



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