Thursday, October 11, 2012

My First Homemade Wreath

Ah, fall is lovely. Even if all we Floridians get is a slight break from humidity, I'll take it.

After updating our door from this...

...I was inspired to create a wreath. And since I'm pretty cheap, I had the idea to create a basic wreath that I could simply change out the flowers/decor depending on the season.

Had no idea how I would actually do this, but I found myself leaving our local crafts store with a foam circle, some felt, floral wire and a glue gun. I had the idea to use some of my leftover burlap and hot glue strips of it all around the wreath. So I started there.

Let me also mention, hot glue and I have been reunited in a glorious way. I have forgotten the wonderful ways of hot glue. It's so instant and so effective. My kind of combo. Just under 4 bucks for this baby...oh yeah.

Anyway, back to the wreath. So I hot glued strips of burlap all around the wreath. I then had come across a few felt flower tutorials. Found here and here. Super easy, however, in reference to the red roses, originally I went through all the hassle of cutting out a template, tracing it on the felt and cutting it out. When really, all you needed to do was cut a swirl. So I only used the template once, the rest I cut out by freehand.

So after I finished my flowers, I wanted to figure out the dilemma of how to get them on the wreath in a way that I could take them off so I could interchange my wreath from season to season. I landed on hot gluing the flowers to a single floral wire. I then wrapped two separate floral wires around around the wreath (weaved through the flowers wire) and tightened the wire by twisting it in the back.

It surprisingly worked to my relief. I then used some old cinnamon broom branches (yeah, from last to surround the flowers...and ta-da!

Here you can see the green floral wire that I wrapped around the wreath to secure the flowers...

Here's a close up of the flowers...didn't take step by step photos, but I truly just followed the instructions mentioned earlier (minus the cutting out of the template part, I just cut them freehanded)

And here she is again from far away...

I'm almost happy with it. I plan on adding a little banner across the center of the wreath to say something like "Welcome" or something season appropriate, but I haven't gotten my head around what material to use, cause paper wouldn't last long out there.

Overall, I look forward to watching this little wreath evolve. I could see making flowers for spring with bright colors and even having a birthday banner that goes across it for our birthday weeks.

Anyone else crafting it up for fall?

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