Monday, October 15, 2012

Whaley The Whale

Well, it's no secret that Rob and I both have a thing for nautical. Even in more particular, Rob has a thing for whales, and squids, and ships. So there's going to be a bit of that showing up in Finn's room here and there. Trying not to go overboard. Lol, punny.

Anyway, I'm still trying to let this piece grow on me. This is a drawing I did with colored pencil and a thin black sharpie pen. Still letting it settle in. It's a little hard because I have to visualize all of the stuff in his room without knowing exactly what's going to be in there. So anyway, here she blows.

Whaley the whale...

Will see if she'll be a keeper in the long run.

Off for some needed laying-on-the-couch time. There might be a cheez-it or two involved.

(Update: see part two of whaley here)

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