Sunday, October 21, 2012

Whaley The Whale, Part Two

Well...whaley just wasn't sitting right with me. Not that he didn't look good, but the whole look I'm going for Finn's room has its specifics. So here's what whaley was looking like before...

I think I figured out what was bothering me about him. I think the stripes were feeling a little too babyish for what I'm going for in his room. I'm totally into stripes, but for some reason it just wasn't cuttin it for me.

So, I did a bit of that. Cuttin, that is...

Yep. After all that time of coloring those stripes and measuring's now just scraps. Lol, but I think I got what I wanted now.

I found some brown paper behind Rob's desk and crinkled it up real good to add some texture. Then secured whaley to that...and here she blows, part two...

Simple, but definitely more up my alley...or shall I say galley. Nautical puns are getting too easy. :) I think this shall be the last and final part of the whaley chronicles.

Overwhelmed by the response to the post about Larsen, but shouldn't be surprised. She touched many lives, and continues to.

Love to you all!

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