Friday, November 2, 2012

A Belated 2011 Christmas DIY Gifts Post

Update - If you're looking for more DIY Christmas gifts and decor ideas, check out my latest post here. Happy Christmas to you all! 

Wow. I just realized I never posted barely any of my DIY Christmas projects I took on last year. Since the season is approaching, I thought I'd share some photos of what I completed last year. I definitely had fun creating these gifts...I've also realized that an endless supply of mason jars would be lovely.

First wanted to start with this picture of me and the little ham-ball, cutie nephew of mine when shopping for Christmas trees last year...

This kid and his personality crack me up!

Okay, on to DIY projects...the first one is a twizzler bouquet I made for my sweet mom. The picture is pretty self-explanatory. I just cut out flowers and poked a hole in them and placed them on the twizzlers. In a lovely mason jar of course. :)

Next is a peppermint/candy cane sugar scrub, inspired by this tutorial I found on Pinterest...

And finally, I had filled mason jars with these pretzels as well as a layer of almonds and M&M's. Much to my sorrow, I didn't take pictures of the finished jars with everything in it. They were really cute looking and were great inexpensive gifts.

Oh the joys of this season...and there are many.

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