Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Sweet Gift and Rob's Legendary Gift

First, I wanted to share and thank my sweet Nannie for the precious cap that she made for Finn! We got it in the mail and love it and look forward to putting it on his sweet head. Thank you, Nannie!

That same day, we also received another package...

I'm sure many people have bought things online and anticipated the arrival of the package like it was Christmas morning. Well, that is how Rob felt after trading in some of his GameStop reward points for a highly anticipated badge.

It was promised to be simple and understated...

And then when you clicked to view the badge larger, it looked like a hefty badge!

So Rob received his package, much to his excitement...

He opened it and what did he find??

The tiniest "badge" known to

Smaller than a quarter!!! I think they should include that on the description...check out the note included too...

Oh yeah, a really awesome item! Lol

To say the least and to exclude any expletives that Rob might have expressed, he wasn't happy, lol, but it definitely gave us some laughs. At least he didn't spend any "real" money, although I'm sure he would debate that. :)

So what about you guys? Anyone else ever get a package that failed to meet your expectations? I've heard a ton of stories where the product picture is completely misleading...gotta love it.

Love to you all!

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