Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nautical and Whimsy Art

Ah, I want to start this by saying that I'm so happy that I'm done with this piece. And I'm also so happy that when I finished the piece, I still actually like it. It's really the biggest bummer whenever you put so much time into something, and then in the end, you want to chuck it out the window.

For baby boy's room, I'm feeling pretty good about the direction of art. I'm trying to keep my motivation going as the months are dwindling down.

I knew I wanted to draw a city along a coast, with a boat and a hot air balloon. Lol, it's so nice that I didn't have to search Etsy for something that specific. Here's the preliminary drawing...

Anyway, the city part is very special to me. I've been drawing these city's since I was 12? or something. My mom has a huge show board in the attic with my first city drawing that was inspired by a New York t-shirt of mine. Most of my handmade cards that I make, have a city on the back (mimicking the Hallmark crown) and signed Leemark. So original. :)

I drew one of these cities for Lar and gave it to her at our rehearsal dinner.

Sadly, I learned that markers (even the fancy Prismacolor ones) don't hold when colored on a canvas...makes sense, but I didn't think of it then, so that picture faded incredibly.

So this time I used colored pencils and a sharpie marker outline on a presentation board (that's white on one side, black on the other) You've probably already scrolled to the end result, so there's really no reason for me to keep rambling. :)

Here it is all nice and framed...

I'm trying not to let the bad lighting and contrast in these photos bother me...I didn't have the patience to go outside and do some natural lighting shots. Breathe, and letting it go...

ANYWAY, I'm loving it and it's looking so good with all the other things that will be going in his room. Only three more small art pieces to figure out!


  1. you know Lisa for a children's room that picture would fit right in --and I love the halloween pics especially the little pirate -hook he is adorable!!!

    1. Aw, thanks so much! If/when Finn grows out of this picture, I might put it in our bedroom, I'm loving it so much!

      -Lisa :)



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