Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pictures Shmictures

Well, I've had a few posts lined up, however, I've apparently reached my maximum picture limit and need to upgrade my storage...so to fix that, I went to upgrade it with google and sadly it's not allowing me to checkout. The checkout button is a dead link and takes me nowhere, so hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

At least this is happening now and not when I want to be sharing a bunch of pictures of Finn! (always have to look for a bright side)

In other news, I've been enjoying this beautiful weather, I just wish it would stay cold. I'm naturally a more-than-normal-warmer-bodied person, but I can definitely tell that my body temp is feeling even warmer by this pregnancy. So a fan is constantly blowing in my face if I can help it.

That's one of my must brings to the hospital, a fan. Rob also has permission to put ice chips around my face as well. :)

Speaking of, according to some pregnancy calendar I follow, I should start putting together my hospital bag next week. Yeah, that news alert definitely made my eyes widen, but I'm excited.

And goodness, am I looking forward to Rob and I welcoming our little boy into this world.

Hoping you all are well!

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