Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Homemade Mobile

I always knew that I wanted to make Finn's mobile. I'm not crazy about the ones that match everything in the room...I'm actually not crazy about anything that's matchy-matchy, just a personal preference.

Anyway, so the plan evolved into Rob using his origami skills to make cranes for Finn's mobile. It was pretty easy, it was just the assembly that I've been putting off.

Here's the supplies we used...we just bought a floral ring from our local craft store (it's about 12" diameter) and bought various colors of craft paper (12"x12") found in the scrap booking section of the craft store, and some wax-coated string/cord (thinking it would hold the knots better with the waxed coating).

If you're already familiar with origami, the trick is getting the right we couldn't get paper that was crazy thick or anything because it needed to be able to hold the folds...however, I didn't want something super thin either. Thankfully individual pieces of paper are not that expensive, so you can experiment.

So Rob did his thang and folded the cranes with love. Then I finally got around to stringing them. First, I poked a hole through the crane and then used a small bobby pin as a "needle" and strung the string through.

Repeated this process for all the cranes, then strung up the floral ring first before putting the cranes on it. Once I hung the floral ring, I started eyeballing how I wanted my cranes to fall. I then just simply tied them on the ring as securely as possible along with putting some extra adhesive on the top of the ring (not visible when looking at the mobile).

And here's the finished product...

And a far away shot with a little sneaky peeky of his room coming along... :) :)

Simple, and just what I was looking for.

And you know, these things don't necessarily need to be restricted to nurseries/kid's bedrooms...there's so many options of the different objects you can hang from these...origami is just an inexpensive investment. I think the total we paid for this was around $12 for the paper, string and floral ring. Overall, very happy with it.

Love to you all!

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