Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Very Belated Thanksgiving!

Lol, well, I see that I had meant to post a Thanksgiving here it is...only a month and some change overdue. :-/

Thanksgiving is always a favorite of mine. I do love Christmas too, but I think my dad and I both find the fact that Thanksgiving is nice cause you're not having to think about gifts or anything, all it is, is purely hanging out with family and loved ones and eating and hanging out some more and eating a lil more.

We always start our day with the parade.

Here's Jr watching the parade...

One day, I'd love to make it to the parade, but there is something really nice about sitting around in your pj's on the couch. Speaking of...I borrowed Rob's pajama pants that morning. Rob's clothes can certainly be a favorite of mine during these last months of pregnancy...

We then got together, both Rob's side and my side at my mom's for dinner...

We used the finest china we could find. :) Easy clean up is the way to go! No shame!

Rob and I then headed out to have Leah take some pics of us...I guess I was around 34 weeks pregnant or so.

Leah and Rob can be bad influences on each other, lol...which can cause Rob to do naughty things to mess up a picture. Oh I can get so mad!'s me scolding him for messing up yet another picture. I won't include the photos of what he was can probably just imagine...his hand was near the region. :)

Then here he is looking all innocent snuggled in a blanket his mom gave to us for Finn. Lol, how could I be mad at that sweet face? lol :)

Well, Thanksgiving is always followed by another black Friday shopping here, but Christmas tree shopping. I think next year we should do it at night time...I think back in the day we used to do that.

Anyway, we always end up at Lowe's and buy our trees there, however, mom and Leah found theirs at a high school tree lot. No cutting down live trees in Tampa...but it's still a fun time. It felt more like Christmas time that weekend than many weeks in December.

Then it was time to get the decorations out. We decided to wait until Finn's real first Christmas before buying his stocking, so we just decorated as normal. And by saying "we" decorated, lol, I mean mostly me. Rob helps of course, but it's me that loves the decorating. We don't have a ton it doesn't take long.

How sad it is that these decorations are all going back in tubs. I want to find something I can keep on our mantle year round with pretty twinkle lights. They're just so dang cozy.

I was also quite pleased with the decorations on our tree this year. I might find myself wanting to decorate it exactly the same next year...I'm just loving the green with the white with the pine cones. Simple, but just right. And it was all stuff we already had, which is always nice for this cheap girl. :)

Well that pretty much wraps up Thanksgiving weekend.

Lots to look ahead to.

(come on contractions!!)

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