Friday, December 14, 2012


Rob and I have officially joined the modern world last Sunday and upgraded to smartphones.

It was a decision based on the fact that I've been using the same messaging phone for 6 years (they don't make em like they used to!) and we've been paying such a high amount for just unlimited text, and now we pay almost exactly the same for unlimited text and data.

And the phones were on sale. Pretty sweet sale too.

Yep, we are now proud owners of the iPhone. Very happy with it, and I always knew that this app on there called Instagram would be my new friend.

Instagram is basically a picture editing tool that allows you to put filters on your photos to make em look a little more interesting. I love this because with Finn coming, I won't have my lovely Nikon with me at all times, but I'll certainly have my phone. So now I have this nice camera and filter feature to capture all the cuteness he'll be oozing. :)

So I'll be sure to be sharing these photos with you on this blog.

Here's a few shots from the past few days...

Rob putting the crib together :)

Oh what a good feeling it is to get this room together. I completely understand when other mom's say they just want to sit in the finished room all the time. It's getting close...definitely will take pictures of the final product. :)

Me at 36 1/2 weeks...37 weeks tomorrow!

And to be clear, I wasn't driving while taking this pic...I was at a complete stop at a stop light. :)

Yesterday at work, I was surprised with a sweet baby shower!

Yeah, I turned beat red...oh how I hate that I blush more than ever lately...but it was so incredibly sweet.

Here's Finn as of yesterday. Yeah, he's a-growin, that's for sure. But how thankful am I to say that I'm still feeling great??! So very thankful.

Kind of fuzzy...but there's our boy. Making his debut soon.

Well there's so much going on besides baby stuff. This season is obviously busier than most with Christmas and then personally with Rob's birthday, but I'm thinking of my family and our sweet Nannie right now. Also thinking of my my step-mom and her family who just lost their mom.

This is a season that reminds you to cherish your loved ones and squeeze them tight.

Love to you all!

(For those looking for more DIY posts, would you believe me when I say that I'll have some posted soon?? I promise!)

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