Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I love Christmas, from the meaning and the giving and the family time and the's all so wonderful. Yesterday was an awesome day...unfortunately realized afterward I didn't get pics at Rob's parents house, but here's some pics from earlier in the day. Hoping you all enjoyed your day with loved ones as well.

Our last Christmas morning waking up with just the two of us...

A blurry one, but it must be known that Rob is like a little kid on Christmas morning...our first year of marriage he woke me up when it was still dark outside and we opened presents, lol, that was the first AND last year that that ever happened. :)

Us kids at mom's Christmas morning...about to eat breakfast then open up some gifts. Weird to think how many years we've shared Christmas at this house...almost 25 years. Craziness!

Yeah, mom and Leah's tree is always absolutely beautiful and huge. Lots of hiding spots for the Christmas pickle...more on that in a few.

Perhaps a new tradition? My sister-in-law made us some slamming french toast and eggs and Leah made the bacon...quite a yummy breakfast.

Would ya look at that belly?? It always shocks me more in pictures than in real life. I wish I could wear these sweatpants all the time...

Our poor little sick man...had a fever on Christmas :( But he still was happy to open his gifts of course...

Sweet Bell's and her daddy...

Oh! And here's a shot of our yearly tradition that started when we were older...finding the Christmas pickle. Let it be known that this pickle is about an inch long, yes AN INCH! Hidden in this very thick tree (usually deep) and we cannot touch the tree or anything, just use our eyeballs. Much to her joy, Jen found it this year, and honestly I don't think there could of been a better winner. She really wanted it this year, and she certainly found it. Tears of joy were present, lol, there's nothing like finding the pickle!

My love love and I...

And finally, before we jetted off to see our other family, my mom got us together for a family photo. Now, I won't share all the stinkin outtakes my brother caused us to have because of his inappropriateness, lol, but here's the one that he finally decided to just smile...poor Jr isn't smiling much probably because of how he felt.

Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Love to you all!

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