Monday, December 10, 2012

New Carpet!!!

Last Thursday was a long day. After much patience (or sometimes lack of) our installers showed up at 8pm, wrapping up the install by 11pm.

I'm just so relieved to say that yay, the carpet has finally arrived.

Here's how I felt about getting new carpet in a nutshell...

Here's Jack patiently waiting for the carpet people to arrive...

When we first moved in, we did get it professionally cleaned which helped a ton, however, still there were stains that were too settled in. There's also nothing like knowing that you're the only ones who have lived in the carpet in your home. Here's some before and after shots.

Baby boy's room before:

And after (so looking forward to putting this room all together, pictures to come!):

Guest room/office before:

And after:

Master bedroom before:

And after:

We went with a berber carpet in a color called Dove. It's a blend of light grays, extremely similar to our rug in our living room. I'm loving it. It's a little rougher than I had expected, but super nice and durable. It's definitely going to hold up for a long time along with hiding any dirt or stains. Not that we won't clean it, but you know what I mean.

Well, to cap it off, Finn and I celebrated by doing a few carpet angels...

Thankful, thankful. Now to fill the rooms and start pulling everything together for Finn's room. I'm over 36 weeks now!!! Yep, I am definitely feeling very pregnant lately, lol. :) Bump update to come...still feeling great!


  1. hahahah you're so funny Lisa- I love that last pic! Congrats on the carpet - I know that feel!!!

  2. Carpet angels!! Only you.. (:
    I didn't realize you were getting the carpet for all the rooms! It looks so great!

    1. Thanks Sarah! Yeah, it's been on the house list of things to do since we moved here, but with Finn coming, it moved up in priority because it really wasn't cutting it with the stains and stuff. We're loving it, maybe me more than Rob, but you know. My environment affects me ever so. :)



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