Sunday, December 2, 2012

Said Goodbye To An Old Friend

Something quite wonderful happened on Friday...

Yep, the Jeep got sold.

So thankful, I truly believe God's hand was in this because I had hoped and hoped that the Jeep would be sold by November so we could move forward with all that's looming around the sale of the Jeep...not to sound like a broken record, but the need for new carpet has been the huge part causing us not to have anything in Finn's room put together yet (since all the rooms and closets need to be emptied for carpet install).

And yeah, it was the last day of November, but it certainly made me smile. (let the nesting begin!)

It sold, and we couldn't be more happy to say goodbye to it, mostly for monetary reasons. Lots of good memories in that Jeep, many more on Rob's account obviously since it was his...but still, she was a good girl for some time before things started breaking.

Here she is getting all "decorated" for our departure from our wedding...

Riding off in her with the top down in 50 degree weather...immediately after leaving our reception, we pulled over to put the top was freezing!

Love this shot...Rob taking advantage of some rain and washing her...

Ah, and here she is in her element...all pictures are by Rob's sweet mom...

Pretty sure Rob had some kind of affection to getting stuck... :)


I could see far later down the years Rob getting another one with working AC and a larger engine and doesn't feel like it's going to fall apart. Someday, I hope. :)

But for now we're thankful...what a weight that has been lifted to say goodbye to it.

I know it's been forever since I've posted anything DIY...but now that things are going to start moving with Finn's room, there will be more DIY posts coming soon, I'm sure.

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope it's filled with rest and breakfast and rest and lunch and rest and dinner!

Farewell, "Meep-Meep"! You gave us some wonderful (and yes, sometimes painful!) memories. :)

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