Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Some Quick DIY Art

I like the word "quick".

Especially when there's so much going on and I'm trying not to over-commit myself to a billion unnecessary, yeah, trying.

So I went easy on myself and came up with some quick DIY art for the little baby collage in Finn's room.

First I had the idea to include a picture of Rob and I on his wall. This was a simple art piece. Just used some craft paper, felt, letter stencils and a photo of Rob and I (our old engagement photo taken by Leah).

I just filled in the lettered stencils with a black permanent marker, fine-tipped. And just cut the felt heart free-hand.

Then I moved on and created this little piece. Super easy...just used some leftover burlap, paint and some thin-cut tape.

His room feels like it's almost done...even though the boy won't probably be in there for a little bit, it feels nice to at least have the basics done and organized in there.

Can't believe we're going to be meeting our boy in possibly 2 1/2 weeks. My mind truly cannot fathom or understand the question of when he'll make his appearance.

I have no preference baby boy, you come whenever you want.  :)

Love to you all! (more posts coming soon!)

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