Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sprucing Up the Lanai

When we bought our house a jacuzzi was included in the back lanai. Rob and I soon discovered that we're not jacuzzi people. We cleaned it up real good, and I mean real good, cause it was nasty, and then tried it out. Only to realize that it just wasn't our thing. I got itchy from the jets and overly hot real quick. I was practically hanging off the side after a few minutes. We did try it in the cold weather, but it still wasn't cutting it. So we knew one day we would love to get rid of this thing.

After the lengthy process of selling the Jeep, we were in no mood to sell this jacuzzi. One of the main reasons being that we would have to pretty much take apart a portion of our lanai to fit this thing out the door. And finding people to purchase or take a jacuzzi and transport it, is hard to find.

So maybe to some people's disappointment, Rob and his dad had the idea to chop the thing up.

Yep, with a saw. And shimmied it out the door.

It was a great feeling to be rid of that thing. They ended up cutting it into 4ths and took it to the dump.

We were looking forward to getting a table out there so I had been searching craigslist for some time. Rob likes to play a lot of games, so a round table was most ideal. The night before Rob's birthday party, we finally found a table and chairs listed for $50! With the help of our friend, we drove out there and picked it up that night. The cushions that came with it were dingy, but the table itself was really nice and the chairs were wide and sturdy. So the next morning we purchased new cushions from Home Depot. Which completely made the set look like new to us.

We still have plans to make it a lot nicer out there. Like a squeegee brush to keep that dang floor clean! It gets so dirty in there so fast...big thanks to our Jackson five (one of Jack's million of nicknames) We're also thinking a good outdoor rug under the table and chairs to ground it a little more. I'm sure we'll have lots of stuff for Finn out there too, since we find ourselves hanging out there a lot more lately. Slowly but surely this house is feeling more like our own.

Ah, and the view from the couch in our living room is much nicer. So happy to not see that jacuzzi anymore. Jack really appreciates the better view too.

Hoping you all are doing well. Can you believe 2013 is only a few days away?? Since this baby boy is still comfy, it looks like we'll be ringing in the new year from a couch, no partyin for us. But who am I kidding, we typically always ring it in on a couch, lol.

Praying and wishing you all a blessed new year!

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