Saturday, January 19, 2013

Birth Story - Finn Isaac

5:20am - Just three days past my due date, I wake up to go to do my typical bathroom run, returning to bed shortly after. Rob was already up for the day and wasn't in bed.

5:30am - After falling slightly back to sleep, I wake up to a kick and then a little trickle. I quickly realized that I didn't just pee myself. I got up with a pounding heart and walked to our bathroom. I then stood over the toilet and it was official, my water definitely broke. I then called for Rob. It took about 5 calls for him to hear me and come into the room since he was on the other side of the house...he gets there, and me wide-eyed tell him my water broke. He's smiling, I'm smiling, but just so shocked and in a bit of disbelief that it actually happened. He gets my phone and I call my mom. The reception is horrible so I lose her, then Rob calls her from outside our room. I then call my sister and tell her the news, she was excited. I'm pretty sure she wanted me to be induced days ago, she couldn't wait.

6:00am - Rob then calls his work to let them know he won't be coming in and I send a few emails on my work computer notifying my HR that I'm starting leave. The whole time I'm getting ready, I'm nervous thinking that the contractions are going to come any second, but still felt nothing. I then straighten my hair a bit, and end up braiding back my bangs (best thing I could of done!) I then grabbed a few almonds and drank some water knowing I wouldn't be able to eat or drink for a while. 

Waiting area at hospital
Temp when arrived at hospital, lol :))
6:30am - We get to the hospital and when we get to the front desk, I tell the guard that my water broke. It felt easier to say than, "hi, I'm here to have my baby today and I need a room." We then go and sit down in the waiting area, the whole time I'm nervous that contractions are going to start any second. We then get called back by a nurse and start the registering process. Afterward, we were escorted to triage where I changed into a gown and was assessed to verify my water broke, and then to get my very first IV inserted. Scary! But I did well. As long as I don't look, I surprisingly do pretty well with needles and such. (this is coming from a girl who has never been to the hospital since birth, no broken limbs, cuts or surgeries...needless to say, I'm inexperienced in that area) We had a great nurse who was very sweet. Every person we encountered made me feel so peaceful and at ease. So thankful for that.

While in triage we got our first visitor, my sister, lol, ecstatic to say the least. Between Rob and my sister, they both had me laughing which kind of hurt with the slight contractions (still just felt like a pulled muscle). I then was assessed by my dr, she found that my cervix was pointed downward which she hoped it would move as I dilated. Nothing to worry about at that time. We then got a second and equally ecstatic visitor, my dad. He lives the farthest away, yet he was there bright and early. His face when he first entered the room will forever be imprinted on Rob and my memory. He was so happy. Right behind him were my nurses who came to escort me to my room. It was so bizarre entering the labor/delivery room knowing what was going to go down in there, knowing that I'd be leaving this room with my baby boy.

9:00am - I was in the bed hooked up to everything. The IV, the blood pressure machine, the heart and contraction monitor. Still no pain. Which my nurses kept saying they want me to feel pain. "Pain is good." Rob and I also got a few more visitors, my dad came back again with my step mom and Rob's parents came in as well. My mom and Leah came soon after. My sister got Rob a bagel and a banana. I didn't mind that he ate at all, I wanted that man to be awake and coherent when the contractions came and time to push. :)

11:00am - I was assessed again and it was determined that I needed pitocin since I continued to feel no pain through my contractions. So the nurse started me on a low dose. The anticipation of what the first contraction was going to feel like had been a curious thought on my brain throughout this whole pregnancy. So I was a little apprehensive, but having Rob right there by me made me feel confident. I knew I could get through this. The contractions were eased on me by increasing the amount of pitocin given. Slowly they got stronger and stronger. Rob, my mom and sister were in the room with me and we discovered pressure points. Rob or my mom would squeeze the pressure point between my thumb and pointer finger and I had a cold wash cloth in my hand. I love me some coldness. They did feel just as many people explained them, a strong period cramp. I used to have horrible cramps when in high school and this reminded me of that, however, yes, much stronger. But bearable as long as there was recovery time between.

before and after epidural...(deuces for Lar!)

1:00pm - I was assessed again to see how the pitocin was working and asked if I wanted the epidural yet. I wanted to wait because I just didn't want to get it too early...I was still able to handle what was happening, yet I completely planned on getting the epidural.

2:00pm - By this time, the contractions were strong and super close together. The lack of recovery time between them was the killer. The moment I thought I had to breathe, another contraction came. My dr then came to assess me and I was 4-5 centimeters dilated and decided I was ready for the epidural. I should mention the personality of my doctor. Rob and I saw her at various appointments, my OB is a group, so you don't necessarily see the same doctors all the time, however, we saw this doctor often and really enjoyed her. She had a very calm and peaceful personality. Very soothing and right up my alley. Rob's impression of her is hilarious...she was absolutely awesome.

3:00pm - The epidural team came in and I was ready, barely getting a moment to breathe between contractions. A needle in the spine at that time doesn't sound scary at all. My mom and sister were kicked out, but Rob was able to stay. They had me lay on my side and curl up (which feels impossible when you have a watermelon sized belly and contractions. The doctor who applied the epidural then spoke through everything he was doing. "I'm inserting the needle and then in a moment your left leg will jolt and you'll feel a tingly sensation..." everything he said happened as he said it. Quite amazing. After the epidural was given and the tube taped up my back, I then was placed on my side to encourage further dilating.

4:00pm - I didn't feel any pain anymore, just maybe some pressure. I wasn't completely numb which I was thankful for because I hear that you don't want to be too numb. You want to be able to push when the time comes.

4:15pm - My mom and sister left to get lunch, and it was just Rob and I. We then got a call about a possible visitor coming and there was some kind of mix up so Rob went out there to ask that no one come back so I could rest. Well, not Rob's fault because he thought I was resting, but he was then sucked up in the crowd of people in the waiting room and ended up being away for a little longer than he realized. I couldn't sleep, I just wanted him back. Maybe I was feeling that things were close, because my dr then came back to assess me and I panicked because Rob wasn't back. He then came walking quickly into the room. He told me later that he got nervous he missed something because he saw my doctor and nurses rush into my room. Thankfully he was there by the time my dr assessed me and to my surprise, she said my cervix is lined up perfectly and I'm completed effaced and 10 centimeters dilated. The next statement she said was so shocking and beautiful to hear..."yep, you can start pushing".

4:45pm - Rob calls my mom and sister to get them there stat. They came running in like they ran a marathon, lol. I wish I could see video of them running down the hallway. :)) Pushing started around 5:00pm I believe. I felt inexperienced, but the nurses and dr just talked me through the whole thing. I soon realized I wasn't going to be one of those cases that pushed my baby out in three pushes, lol, so I just took each break as a chance to breathe. During this time I really clinged to the verse "with my God I can scale any wall" Psalm 18:29. I pictured God and I attempted to scale a wall together. We kept falling, but I knew with God's help we would get over that wall in time. It was a comfort and was incredibly meaningful to me.

6:00pm - Probably around this time, I was getting tired. I was feeling the contractions toward the end as well. Rob was great, kissing me and encouraging me. I could see on his face he hated seeing me struggle and be in pain. He was amazing. There was no scenario of me screaming at him "you did this to me!!!". He was precious in that room, I'll always cherish that. My sister helped a ton too during this part and my mom stood on some kind of stool behind them with her iPad filming or taking pics. Yeah, those will never be shared, lol, I don't even want to see them. At one point my dr calmly said, "oh...he's blond." He was really coming, hope filled me again as I went through a few more sessions of pushing and then Finn finally entered this world at 6:15pm.

To describe the whole experience of seeing him for the first time, there aren't words. The relief of seeing him combined with the relief of getting him out put me in a euphoric state. I was over the moon to hear that cry for the first time. They placed him on my chest and I met my son. Our sweet boy. He was perfect, and how amazing to see so much of Rob in him. They then took him off of me and he went to do his tests. At some point when he was doing his tests, he peed on my mom. Oh sweet boy. :))

Lots of surreal moments filled that night and the following days...our families and friends meeting him, Rob and I being alone with him at night time, changing his diaper for the first time, first bath, nursing, first dr many adventures.

When the time came for us to go home, we left the AC and were wheeled into the lovely humidity of Florida. Poor little guy had to experience it soon enough. While driving home, I had a mama moment and started tearing as I sat next to Finn in the backseat. I was just so happy...felt so blessed. Am so blessed.

We're loving this boy and are looking forward to all the new adventures ahead of us.


  1. Thank you for writing all of this out Lisa. It was so beautiful. The dueces for Lar was great! Love you and I'm so happy for you! God is so faithful!

    1. Thank you Bree! I wanted to write it out because I figured I'd love to look back on all the details years from now. And yes, He is faithful!



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