Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nursery Reveal!


Due date has arrived and it just so happens to be the day I'm finally able to share Finn's finished room.

Are there things that I still wanna do in his room? Of course! But I'm letting go...just wanna focus on getting this boy out safely and in our arms.

So here we go. I'll start with my original mood board I created for his room back in the day.

I love the calmness of the room and the mixing of different woods...from the gray ash crib to the natural wood to the brown/black wood. I didn't want it to be too themey. Nautical is a favorite of ours, however, I wanted to be able to include whatever we wanted...a mix match of accessories that we either had or found.

Without further's the finished room in the flesh.

Starting at the top of these shelves is a dinosaur bank of Rob's when he was little. I just painted it a brighter color. Lots of homemade art was given to us...the narwhal painting made by my friend as well as the ship in the bottle made by another, love them both. And Rob gave Finn his favorite Batman figure. The key hook was a gift given to me a while ago from Anthropologie.

Here's another art piece given to it. The owl is a bank I found at Ross, the white elephant was a white elephant present I was given that I...fought for, say the least. I knew I would put that thing in Finn's room.

The banner is from Land of Nod. It was inexpensive too...I didn't feel the need to make this by hand to save money.

For detail on the crane mobile, here's a prior post about that.

This was a gift just given to us yesterday, lol, and we love it so much. Rob has a obsession/fear of squid/octopi. We won't keep this guy in the crib of course when Finn is in there, but we think it might be his little buddy when he gets older...if not it'll definitely be Rob's little buddy. :)

This wardrobe belonged to my friend, Larsen, and I'm so happy to make good use of it. It's the absolute best for storage...honestly, it's amazing how much we can fit in there.

Here's the simple rope curtain tie back I made...

To keep the rope bound together, I tied some twine/cord around it really tight...

Then literally just screwed in a hook right into the rope.

Lots of homemade art made by this mama... (for details, see this, this, this and this post)

Hopefully Jack won't have too much replacement syndrome...but he definitely looks concerned here. :)

Insert humongous sigh of relief to be done with this room...the laughable part being that perhaps Finn won't even be in there for a while. But we'll see. Regardless it feels so nice to peek in this room from time to time. I could just sit in there and unhealthily stare at it forever...hah.

There you have it...a finished room for our boy expected any day now. January 5th is passing by, so we'll see when his birthday will be. I'm secretly holding out for January, I know it's crazy, but 1/13/13 is a cool birthday! AND it's my half birthday as well, lol. Oh numbers. But honestly happy with whenever he wants to come, just praying for God's continued peace and a safe delivery of a healthy baby boy.

Love to you all!

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