Saturday, February 2, 2013

It's A Balancing Act

God. Rob. Finn. Family. Friends. Church. Decorating. Music. Blogging.

Lots of other things weaved in there too. How to balance it all...I have no clue. Lol.

So in effort to not lose focus, I wanted to start making a few little goals for myself...I probably won't be putting a timeline on anything, but to see it written out will help me.

God: My goal is to make a point to set aside time each day, I don't care if it's 3 minutes or an hour, no matter what, to either play some worship songs on the piano, read a verse/chapter, or just sit and pray. I'm most centered when I'm centered around God. And I'm not setting any time frames, because quite honestly I'm not the type that can follow a set schedule without it feeling like I'm just marking off a task on my to do list. It's the way my brain works. I just want to spend more time trusting what I believe and living it out.

Rob: Go on a date with this man...and not in 6 months.

Finn: Trust me, sweet boy, you've got my attention. I'm gonna try to be the best mama for you.

Family and Friends: Once little guy is less fussy and pumping is in full swing, go out with friends and family. I know this will happen eventually, it just feels hard to do at the present moment.

Church: We'll be there eventually. Missing LifeQuest! Thankful I can listen to the topics online.

Decorating: Start offering decorating services (for a small price) via mood boards. What is a mood board? They're a digital compilation of a room design or makeover. For example, here's the mood board I created for Finn's room...

The idea is to gather all the information (wants/needs/design dilemmas) from the client and find items/paint colors/art and create a mood board to be used as a guide by the client. The beauty of this is that the back and forth correspondence is done via online, meaning that these can be created for anyone, anywhere.

Music: Oh music. Oh writing. I miss you. I'll never let it die. And never want it to fall off my things that I want to do. It takes probably the most dedication, but I still gotta do it.

Blogging: Blogging has become quite a wonderful outlet for me. This is my 91st post. Wowzah. Can't believe I've stuck with it this long, but I'm thankful I have.

I just wanna make sure I keep my head around the right things. And not just one thing. Cause I can get some major tunnel vision sometimes, ya know what I mean?

Love to you all!

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