Saturday, February 9, 2013

One Month

Baby boy turned one month old yesterday

I was thankful to get a photo without Mr. Finnious fussy-pants coming out. But I told myself, rain or shine, tears or no tears, this photoshoot would go on.

The lip and almost tears did come out sooner than later though...

His little face melts me. So here's a little synopsis of your first month, Finn.

Dear sweet boy, it's been quite a month for you. Your first month of life has felt much longer than just a month. Maybe because of all the feedings every couple of hours since you're such a growin boy. You've showed us a few smiles this month, I think it's cause you're happy. Your favorite things to do are eating and sleeping and being in your swing. Oh that blessed swing that soothes you so wonderfully sometimes. Oh and you love love love to have your hair washed. I could just stare at you all day. You are so precious, sweet boy. Your mama and daddy love you so much. Happy one month!


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