Thursday, February 14, 2013


Valentine's Day. Typically Rob and I don't celebrate V-Day, but you know what my favorite thing about Valentine's Day was back in the day? The crafts you got to do at school. The little bags you'd make and put on your desk to collect all your valentines from classmates. Aw, sweet memories.

So I did a little craftin to celebrate.

I just did a little somethin...wherever my brain took me. Nothing fancy. Ended up making a card for Rob and one for little man. And I had a plan for using those hearts.

Here's a pic of Finn this morning with his first Valentine's card. He was happy for about a nanosecond...then just needed some soothing. A first Valentine's Day can be rough on these little baby emotions. ;)

His first Valentine given by his mama. That's the way it should be, right? :)

Rob also surprised me yesterday and organized for my mom to babysit and we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant. Rob has this joke, although he wouldn't call it a joke, that no matter what he plans ends up getting messed up somehow. Lol. It doesn't truly feel that way, but we do make memories in the process. This night was no different. First, I can't recall the last time we got some serious rain here and lo and behold as we're about to head out, a torrential downpour arrives. With no umbrellas, I grab a trash bag (super classy) and put it over my head and we run to the car. And we quickly learned that this wasn't a quick Florida rain, this one was holding out. We couldn't find close parking at our restaurant, so we had to park far away down the street. It sounded like the rain was letting up right when we were getting out of the car, however, it was a false alarm. We get out and there was no turning back. The wind was blowing the cold rain in our faces and my trash bag wasn't doing it's trick anymore. Needless to say, by the time we arrived at our restaurant, we were drenched. And cold. And wanting a dry towel and a heater. It was hilarious. We got our chips and salsa, and I couldn't help but place the warm chip on my cheek for some heat. Lol. Oh sweet memories. Love him. It was so nice to just get out of the house with him and simply talk and laugh over our yummy grilled chicken tacos.

Oh and Finn did wonderfully with his Nana. He slept. Yep, he has impeccable timing sometimes.

Don't worry, Nana was awake while she watched him. :)

Here's a few Valentine pics that I took this morning...

Our very own little cupid. :)

Happy V-Day everyone!

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