Friday, March 29, 2013

An Easter Memento

It can be hard to find meaningful crafts for Easter. So I thought I'd share this one for anyone that's looking for something to do. ( me saying this is meaningful, I am in no way saying I'm against the easter bunny, cute egg-decorating, easter baskets, etc...I am against peeps, though...just sayin)

At my church, LifeQuest, we do our Easter service a little different. In the main sanctuary, we have four tables set up along the walls. Each table represents a different station of Jesus' journey...from the time he was arrested in the garden, to the trial and torture, to the cross and finally to the resurrection.

During the service, there isn't a message given by our pastor, but it is mostly a time of worship, prayer and meditation as everyone is encouraged at their own time to visit the tables. This expression of observing Jesus' journey to the cross is known as the "Stations of the Cross" and is widely practiced by the Catholic church.

Each table we set up has a color representing the journey. Green, for the garden. Black, for the torture. Red, for the cross. And white, for the resurrection. We liked the idea of each person being able to take home something tangible to remind them of the night and what it meant to them.

That brings us to this simple little can use this for churches, kids, yourself, whoever.

First, I purchase colored sand representing each the above mentioned, black, red and white. I purchased mine off of Amazon...not too pricey. It might of been cheaper at a local craft store (maybe not) but I am just loving the beauty of ordering something online...not having to drive anywhere...and it's at your house in 2 days, free shipping. (gotta love Amazon Prime!)

Then I also purchased these adorable little bottles. (also from Amazon, but not currently available...but there's others available)

Yeah, they're cute...and very tiny. Perfect for collecting sand from various beach vacations or for wedding favors with a little message in it...

Excuse my claw-like hand. Cute, though. Right?

So then using the smallest funnel we could find (and by "we" I mean my sweet husband is helping with this)...we just layered the colors one by one. Since the bottles are so tiny, you do have to play with it a little till you get the measurements right.

The cork is pushed down enough that it's not going to fall no worries about the sand spilling out.

Overall, I think it's a sweet and meaningful memento that you can truly hold onto. Have at your desk at work, or on your dresser...anywhere.

Happy Easter weekend to you all. I'm entering it with a full and thankful heart.

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