Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Favorite Home Decor Stores

When looking for home items, there are a number of home/decor stores that I tend to visit online pretttttty regularly. So I thought I'd make a list of my faves and share.

Ikea - This is typically my go-to place for frames, window treatments, some furniture pieces and little accessories here and there. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world when Ikea came to our city...and we're only 5 minutes apart. True love.

West Elm - Ah, West Elm. I love this store. I know their items like the back of my hand. Comical thing is I have yet to buy something from them, lol. I have plans to though, trust me. I consider West Elm to be a higher-end Ikea. It's also not as flashy as gives me the feel of cozy modern, as opposed to modern modern.

Urban Outfitters - One word...Curtains. This is my place that I love to look at their curtains. I love that they're more unique, with a variety of patterns and colors. My curtains from our living room are from here. They also have some random accessories, rugs and furniture.

Anthropologie - Pricey, but for those who are on tighter budgets, this place can be good for small things like a-dorable knobs, hooks and hardware, table linens...lots of little things here and there.

Target - Target continues to impress me with their home stuff. I typically walk the aisles while in the store, however they have a large amount of online only items as well. They have an array of accessories, dishes, linens, lamps. Nate Berkus also has his own line. Currently, I'm loving their Threshold collection.

The Land of Nod - This is Crate and Barrel's line for kids, but I've gotta say, there's a number of items that can work outside of a kids room. I was obviously turned on to it while decorating Finn's room, but ended up finding some really neat artwork, rugs and accessories. It's even a cute place to buy gifts for kids...their stuffed animals are adorable. there you go. Some of my favorite places to shop. Or, mostly just dream. I never was one that spends right away. I tend to let design plans mull around for a while...and for funds to be available.

Any other stores you shop at? Or dream at? Mmm...Crate and Barrel and CB2...out of my price range, but lovely to dream at...

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