Friday, March 15, 2013

Repainting. 2nd or 3rd Time is a Charm, Right?!

Yeah, I should of known this would've happened.

So we've lived in our home for only 2 1/2 years...and so far, I've already REpainted the hallway and our master bedroom. Thankfully I'm satisfied with our master bedroom. Our hallway, still not so much, but about a year ago I was feeling cheap and wanted anything other than the pale blue we had in there, so I used the color that we originally painted our master bedroom. Yeah the color that I also didn't like.

Genius, huh?

Anyway, so this repainting post isn't about the hallway, I just can't bear to think of repainting that so soon for a THIRD time...but this post is about repainting our dining/family room.

Currently these conjoined rooms are painted a purpley gray color called "Dusk" by Martha Stewart. I remember when I saw this color swatch, I was OBSESSED. I get that way with colors. I do still like the color, however the thing I didn't know about this room was how little natural light it gets. Causing this space to feel cave-like. Especially our dining room. See our house doesn't face the sun. The sun goes over from one side of our house to the other side. No front and back light here.

All that to say that I'm facing the reality that we're going to have to repaint.

Yes, WE, Rob. (pleeeeeease? I love you!!!)

There's also another need to paint believe it or not. It looks like Rob, Finn and I are being blessed with a new bundle of joy...a sectional!! Lol, hopefully nobody fell off their chair on that one.

Yep, it looks like my sweet father and stepmutha :) are in the process of relocating and are wanting new furniture. That leaves their blue sectional all to us. That created the other reason to repaint. Dark blue sectional with a dark purpley gray color doesn't work for me. Too much color and too dark. Originally I wanted a light colored couch in that room to offset the darker walls and to brighten up the room. But how can I say no to a free couch? Paint is much cheaper than couches, right? And I'm totally already picturing it in my head and I'm a-lovin it. (flashback to Molly Shannon on SNL..."I love it, I love it, I love every minute of it!!!")

So yes, very excited about those changes ahead. Will be sure to share them on here too.

I also got a much anticipated package in the mail today. Aren't packages in the mail THEE BEST? Lots of caps in this post. Well, I found a site called Picplum. For any Instagram lovers out there, this is a great site to actually print all those pics you collect over the days, weeks and years. They're also super cheap, $1 a print! And there's something about a square photo that speaks to me. I love me some symmetry.

Aren't they cute? They come in 4x4 and 5x5 prints in a matte finish. These are 5x5. I'll use some for my desk at work (I need pics there of my baby boy!!) and frame some others here at home.

Alright, well that concludes this random post. Itching to go to the paint store to get some swatches...too bad Home Depot closes at 10pm. Laaaaaaaame.

Alright, off to snuggle with my boy. :))))))))))))))))))

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