Saturday, March 9, 2013

Two Months!

Two months already...although at the same time it feels like forever.

He's gained exactly 2 lbs and grew 2 inches since birth. Such a great feeling as a mom (and a nursing know, cause you don't have that guarantee of how much he's getting) to hear that he's gaining weight. Rob knew I'd be happy to hear that, and I totally was.

It's been quite a month. I returned back to work which hasn't been easy, but I'm trying to take that one day at a time. We never know what our future holds, so maybe this won't be permanent. That also explains why my posts have been a lil infrequent along with projects around the house. But I'm still focusing on that dining room! I've been brainstorming for what the heck I wanna do with those walls.

I do know that because this dining room is like a cave, I wanna put some mirrors on one of the walls to reflect the light. So that's something...but I'm still mulling over a few things in my head. Sometimes I'm tempted to just give in and do whatever, but I don't want to get ahead of myself. If I'm gonna have to stare at this, I want it to be right. Ya know?

But ANYWAY. Back to the star of the show...Mr. Finn. :)

Dear Finn, oh what a month this has been! You started to smile and coo!! It's absolutely amazing. You like to have conversations with us whenever you're on your changing table, and give us lots of smiles up there too. You also got your first bath in your whale tub this month! You liked it for the first 7 minutes, then you were done! But I think you're going to eventually love it. You also started going to church with mommy and so far, you like to sleep during the music part. :)) This past month was when your mama had to return to work and daddy is now watching you during the day. You guys have so much fun together, from tummy time to story time. I knew your daddy would always love to read to you. Sometimes it puts you to sleep. :) Last week you managed to roll from your tummy to your back! You little rolly polly. We love you so much baby boy, and love watching you grow. We're so proud of you and are so thankful to be your parents. Happy 2 months sweet boy!


Now for a few pics from this month.

These taken during one of our many conversations...

You snuggling with mama after her first day back at work...

You and your wonderful daddy...

You looking SO little hambone.

Gah, this kid melts me. Love being his mama.

Love to you all!

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