Sunday, April 7, 2013

Finn's First Easter

Church on Saturday. A Darth Vader egg hunt Sunday morning. Breakfast at his grandparents house. A nap, then dinner at Nana's house. Family photos. Watching us grownups throw down at our egg hunt. (and me being the ONLY one who didn't win a prize...stop laughing Rob and Greg) Singing happy birthday to his cousin.

It was quite a weekend for Finn. And us too. But a good one. A really really good one.

These holidays will get more and more fun as Finn grows and can participate. But for now, we amused ourselves and Rob hid some Darth Vader eggs (purchased at Rob's gentle plea) at our house in the morning, and Finn and I went on the hunt.

Rob hid all the "eggs" expertly...

Finn had so much fun, and did quite well if I may say so myself...

We then headed over to Rob's parents house and had breakfast and opened baskets.

Then after a nap at home, we headed to Nana's house. There we took family pics...long overdue...

I intiated the photo session because I finally got a remote for my camera and a fancy awesome tripod for it.

Here's me and Jr testing out the remote...I can't believe this boy is 5 now.

My mom's backyard was in full bloom and beautiful. The perfect backdrop for photos...

For the record, this photo was initiated by

And one with all of us and a baby who was quite over it...

Ok, now I have to send these photos out to my fam...happy belated Easter! Only a week behind.

Oh, we've also painted and have our sectional in the hizz-ouse! Yay! Will take photos and share soon. :)

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